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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Volunteers Needed

The 'Friends for Atkinson' group will be finishing the expansion of the skate park this upcoming Saturday at 10am.  If you're interested and available to help, please don't hesitate to participate in this fantastic initiative. 

The 'Friends for Atkinson' park is located on University St. W. in between Rankin and Bridge St.

This group is a great example of how ordinary people can do remarkable things in their communities.  Keep up to great work! 

Sandwich Towne proud of heritage (The Windsor Star, 27 Apr 2010, Page A7)

Sandwich Towne proud of heritage

The Windsor Star
27 Apr 2010

Re: Objections explained, by Gregory Heil, April 9. In one breath, he berates the Ambassador Bridge company for the unauthorized use of his name, and then promptly condemns the entire Sandwich Towne neighbourhood to the heritage scrap heap he alone so...read more...

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

CBAR Alum Champions West-End Community

I was recently featured in the CBAR-IPLIN (business-law) Newsletter regarding the community organizing work that I've been involved with alongside other volunteers and activists.  I pasted the article below:

"Our West-End is a grass-roots group, comprised of local citizens and students, begun by CBAR alum Fabio Costante several months ago. The focus of the group is to mobilize and bring people from Windsor‟s west-end together to share ideas and thoughts about the issues and opportunities they face. Such issues range from local peculiarities like the boarded-up homes on Indian Rd. and Edison St., to more general concerns such as attracting investment and development to the area.

Fabio hopes the initiative will engage local citizens and unite the west-end which he considers to be currently divided into four quadrants: Sandwich Towne; the University of Windsor and its surrounding neighbourhoods; the neighbourhoods south of college and east of Huron Church; and the neighbourhoods west of Huron Church and south of College. Efforts to engage local west-enders include going door to door, partnering with groups and organizations in the area, and the establishment of a blog.

There are great things happening in all of the west-end neighbourhoods, and there are also challenges, some unique to a certain neighbourhood, and some reflected in all of the areas. The group aims to bring the four quadrants together and work as one west-end, giving the area a stronger voice at city hall thus increasing its ability to confront its challenges and opportunities.

Fabio's affection for the Windsor's west-end goes back a long time; he has lived in the area for most of his life. “The area is special to me,” he says, “and I‟ve realized that if we seek to change it then someone needs to stand up. This is what I intend to do”"

Thursday, April 8, 2010

West end funds sought (The Windsor Star, 08 Apr 2010, Page A3)

Residents in Windsor’s west end are hoping their plan to revitalize the area will receive support — and money — from city council.

West end funds sought
The Windsor Star
08 Apr 2010

Residents in Windsor’s west end are hoping their plan to revitalize the area will receive support — and money — from city council. About 60 people filled a church basement Wednesday night as the Windsor West Home Owners Association unveiled its...read more...

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Saturday, April 3, 2010

The heart of downtown Windsor is still beating (The Windsor Star, 03 Apr 2010, Page A8)

The University looking to relocate its Music building downtown.

The heart of downtown Windsor is still beating
The Windsor Star
03 Apr 2010

Perhaps nobody will give a flying pogo stick now that we have our beloved carnival back on the riverfront where it belongs, in all its honky-tonk glory, but it appears downtown Windsor is in line for developments that could mean far more in the long...read more...