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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Bridge sues over â€�bad faith’ interim demolition bylaws (The Windsor Star, 22 Jul 2010, Page A3)

Bridge sues over â€�bad faith’ interim demolition bylaws
The Windsor Star
22 Jul 2010

Charging the city with abuse of power and accusing it of “ulterior motivation,” the Canadian Transit Company, owner and operator of the Canadian portion of the Ambassador Bridge, is suing Windsor over its inability to tear down the west-side homes it...read more...

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

3 Easy Steps in Forming a Neighbourhood Watch

You can promote safety, crime prevention and bring your neighbours together by forming a Neighbourhood Watch on your street. In doing so, follow these 3 easy steps:

1) Get a FREE Police Clearance at Windsor Police Station and once complete, give to Didi Johnston at City Hall
2) Sign up at least 50% of your neighbours (only one representative per house required)
3) Organize 4 meetings per year at a local establishment

Together, we are building a safer west-end, one block at a time!

Windsor Mayor Eddie Francis to seek third term

Windsor Mayor Eddie Francis to seek third term

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Young entrepreneurs see opportunity in weak economy (The Windsor Star, 15 Jul 2010, Page A3)

Young entrepreneurs see opportunity in weak economy
The Windsor Star
15 Jul 2010

Neo-punk entrepreneurs. That may be the most accurate way to describe two teenaged Windsor brother and sister who have eschewed those summer job hunt tribulations to go into business for themselves, supplying likeminded young people with “the stuff...read more...

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

SKATE 4 DONOVAN - Fundraiser

At 9am skate-a-thon participants will skateboard from the downtown river front monument "The Spirit of Windsor" train and travel westbound along the path to the Ambassador Bridge then skate back to Atkinson Skate Park. After the closing ceremonies there will be a Game of S.K.A.T.E. along with a Childrens Fun Fair in the park.

Dovovan's Story:

At the age of two Donovan was diagnosed with a Brain Tumor which was located in his cerebellum. The brain tumor caused Hydrocephalus also known as "water on the brain" resulting in a permanent VP shunt. He had a tube running from his brain ventricles into his abdomen releasing CF fluid. Donovan was tumor free for 1 year and 4 months, as of February 2010 the tumor has begun to grow again. Donovan has had 4 brain operations, including an EVD (external shunt), a tumor removal, to insert the VP shunt, and another due to infection.

Since the tumor removal, we travel back and forth to London every 2-3 months for a MRI. After the date of the MRI, we then return 5 days later to get the results. Due to the lack of education and equipment here in Windsor, we have to travel to London even for an emergency.

The money raised in the skate-a-thon will go to Donovan and his family to assist in health and travel expenses. Donations will be accepted and appreciated.

Pledge forms are available at:
Hometown Skate Shop - 519-253-1113
Elements Action Sports – 519-977-1121
Friend 4 Atkinson - 519-254-8624

U.S. law on Moroun's side, constitutional lawyer says

"If Canada really cares about border congestion, it should beef up staffing of customs booths and support the Ambassador Bridge plan to twin its 1929 bridge, he said. That's the only way there's going to be a new bridge between the U.S. and Canada." -- a statement made by a Wayne State Law Professor. It's now up to the Senate to give the final approval...

U.S. law on Moroun's side, constitutional lawyer says