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Sunday, September 24, 2017

Car Accident in Bridgeview


See email below from Bridgeview resident:

Hi Fabio,
Our Cavalier was parked, as always, in our driveway off of Pelletier. Early Saturday, September 16, (2017) a man in a Silver Grey Chrysler 300, jumped the curb coming off of the 1300 block of Partington, hit the rear end of the Cavalier, pushing it through the chain link fence, into the alley.  He sped off, turning right (north) on Rankin, stopping partway down, to get out and inspect the damage to his car.  He was seen doing all this by our neighbours. Upon noticing he was being watched, jumped in his car and sped off, following the curve at the end of Rankin, where it turns into Girardot.  He may be from the neighbourhood. 
If anyone has any info or seen his license plate, please email it to rcook5@cogeco.ca.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Hurricanes Patio


A message from a someone who frequents Hurricanes in Sandwich Town:

Hurricanes now has the best Patio in Sandwich Town
Maybe you could mention this.
Jerry Gervais

Petition at West Side Foods


Sandwich Town resident looking for some help:

We’re getting a Petition going to get the Government to allow small and at least this small Grocery Store the “West Side Food”grocery store to be able to sell Beer & Wine. The big stores have it and our local seniors have to spend $20.00 on a cab to get there.
Wonder if you could ask people to stop in to the West Side Food & sign the Petition

Jerry Gervais

Car Break-in on McEwan


See a post from a west-end resident on McEwan:

"Hi Fabio,

Please share this for residents in the Bridgeview area to be on guard.
Some thug stole our Tom Tom GPS from our car parked in a handicapped
spot on the 900-1000 block of Josephine Avenue during the evening of 
Saturday, September 16 to early morning September 17, 2017.

Did not report to Police, but would appreciate a stepped up presence in our 
neighbourhood by them.

Thank you for spreading the word."

Monday, May 29, 2017

South Merritt Park Community Garden @ourwestend


See email from Tammy Murray below:

Hello everyone,

Just a quick reminder of the Bridgeview Community Garden planting Night this week in South Merritt Park. 
Looks like the weather forecast has improved with only the prediction of Thunderstorms for Friday, right when we will need it!!  I  will email  a poster for you to circulate with anyone you know may be interested.

South Merritt Park Community Garden
Planting Night
Everyone Welcome!
5:30pm -7:30pm

Bring a friend, family members and your tools if you have them!
We do have some hand tools.
Light refreshments provided.
Kirsten has donated some cut log seats, bring a lawn chair if you’d like for rest breaks.  

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Stolen Lawnmower


See this message below from a Bridgeview resident...

Hi Fabio!  I wondered if you could please post this in your blog? 

From a West End resident (Askin/California area)

Returning home today I noticed the gate to the backyard was wide open. Thinking it was probably a Meter Reader who forgot to lock the gate I went up to said gate to lock it.

It was then I noticed that my shed had been broken into.

Checking the contents and determining what was missing I determined two lawn mowers were taken.

One was a newer Canadian Tire Troy Built 1600cc (as in picture), the other a recently painted and upgraded Sears Craftman.

A police report has been filed. A resident noticed 2 kids poking around everyone' s property and recalls seeing them with a red mower.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Volunteers Needed! @ourwestend @stjeschool


See below from Tammy Murray.

Hello everyone,

Some exciting developments:

1)      The St. James Parent Council is in need of Volunteers for their Spring Fair
Friday May 6th,
from 3-6pm
Please let me know if you are interested in coming to Volunteer with Leo and myself.

2)      Bill Voakes of the Sandwich Towne Community Market has asked for some volunteer support getting the market ready for the Spring Launch this coming Saturday May 6th
He is in need of help to clean up and touch up the market booths and grounds and will accept help any time you are available this weekend, and/or next week.  I will make some time early next week to help out if anyone else would like to join me we can arrange a time together.
You can reach Bill directly
via text or phone call, 519-990-1055
He said he will be on the property most days, all day until late, so any help is appreciated.       

The Market will be open this year on
Saturdays and Sundays
from 9am -3pm until Oct 1st

The Market is using the #BuyWestYQG logo on some of its promotional materials  to let residents know about our West Shop local communication initiative and calling itself the West Windsor Market.    

Our West End was also able to connect the West Windsor Market with the University of Windsor’s student market, held at the Student Centre through the Winter months, to bring many of the campus vendors, students and volunteers to the community. 
We hope this cross promotion will be very successful in building support for our market as the great community resource it is, in providing fresh produce and goods in the neighbourhood.

We have already begun planning for another Summer Movie Night at the Market and will be looking for community business sponsors to offset the movie copyright fees.  Please let me know if your business connections might be interested in being a promoted and visible sponsor of the event!

Wishing you all a great weekend!


Tuesday, March 21, 2017

West End Crawlers Pub Crawl!! @WestEndCrawlers


Check out the pub crawl that the West End Crawlers are hosting in order to raise money for cystic fibrosis.

Upcoming Our West End Events @ourwestend


Mark your calendars for these upcoming events! 

See you there. 


Sunday, January 15, 2017

Parkinson Fundraiser @WindsorExpress


Please support fellow west-ender Joe Renaud in raising money for Parkinson Society Southwestern Ontario. Joe's contact info is on the flyer below. 

Neighbourhood Safety Town Hall @ourwestend


Check out this upcoming town hall and sign up at the link below if you are interested in attending.


Neighbourhood Safety Town Hall

Our West End - (OWE) Neighbourhood Renewal Community Meeting
with Neighbourhood Watch Windsor
to increase Neighbourhood Watch groups in West Windsor and
work together with OWE on sustainble safety improvements.
  • Meet Crime Prevention Experts
  • Get Community Safety and Neighbourhood Watch information
  • Connect with other West Windsor residents concerned about Neighbourhood Safety and continue the conversations with Our West End Neighbourhood Renewal