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STAG Yard Sale and T2B Fundraiser @murraytamaral @sandwichteen @bcopinc


Please see an email from City Councilor John Elliott of the sandwich Teen Action Group (STAG) below.

Also, kudos to Rita Higgins from West End Crawlers who shaved her head for donations to Transition to Betterness. The flyer is also below.

Dear:  All
Due to the rain the STAG will be hosting a yard sale on Sunday June 28, 2015in the hallways inside the facility.  A hotdog lunch will also be available to purchase.  Please come out and support it. 

Our West End Light the Night Project


Please see an email (and attached poster) I received from Tammy Murray and please contact her (info below) if you have any questions or would like to learn more about this initiative.

Hello Our West End,
Join in our Light the Night project across West Windsor.
It’s simple, we are launching a concerted effort of
1)Turning our Porch Lights on
2)Neighbours talking to Neighbours, -encourage each other toturn porch lights on, every night.
-Through our Crime Prevention Town Hall with Windsor Police Services last March 31st, 2015 we learned that theregular use of porch lights deters crime and improves safety in our neighbourhoods.

When: Start date Monday June 22nd, before you leave for the fireworks…. Turn your porch lights on, and ask a neighbour to do the same.
3)Keep it going; Make a habit of turning porch lights on! -keep Our West End neighbourhoods shining with light!  
-Offer to help seniors in your area to replace burnt out bulbs and assist with keeping trees and shrubs trimmed for good visi…

Some Upcoming Events


Below are some upcoming events that may interest you. Please share and spread the word.


Bail or Jail Fundraiser for Bridgeview Group


The Bridgeview Outreach for Youth Group is hosting a 'Bail or Jail' fundraiser at Unifor 444 local hall at 1855 Turner Rd. Come see local politicians and leaders get put in jail and help bail them out, all for a great cause! The fundraiser will be held on Saturday, June 13, from 12pm to 3pm.

For more details, contact Rita Higgins at


Sandwich Town Farmers Market


The Sandwich Town Farmers Market has reopened several weeks ago. Go check it out any given weekend at the corner of Mill and Sandwich, tucked in behind Sandwich Street on the east side of Mill.


Our West End Strategy Near Completion


Back in 2012, I wrote a blog post featured in the Windsor Star, about developing a neighbourhood strategy for the west-end. Here it is for reference: A Strategy for the West End: Our Time is Now

From that point forward, so much has been accomplished, thanks to the fantastic partnership and support of neighbourhood residents, the United Way, Life After Fifty and the tireless volunteers and staff people that have dedicated their precious time to making the west-end a better place.

I am delighted to say that our neighbourhood strategy is nearly complete. It took longer than the anticipated 12 to 18 months that I originally called for, but that is because there were some unforeseen obstacles and, I might add, opportunities, along the way, as there generally are with endeavours of this magnitude.

There will be more to come in the months ahead, but because some of you have been asking me about it, and because over 250 residents were engaged throughout the process via phone surveys …

OUR WEST END Hiring Part-Time Community Coordinator - @LAFWindsor @murraytamaral


We are proud and grateful to officially announce that Our West End through Life After Fifty has received an additional 5 years of support from the United Way Windsor-Essex. As a consequence, Our West End is hiring another part-time Outreach Coordinator to help implement our goals and findings from our neighbourhood strategy.

Here is the posting for the hiring: OWE Outreach Coordinator