Our West End Strategy Near Completion


Back in 2012, I wrote a blog post featured in the Windsor Star, about developing a neighbourhood strategy for the west-end. Here it is for reference: A Strategy for the West End: Our Time is Now

From that point forward, so much has been accomplished, thanks to the fantastic partnership and support of neighbourhood residents, the United Way, Life After Fifty and the tireless volunteers and staff people that have dedicated their precious time to making the west-end a better place.

I am delighted to say that our neighbourhood strategy is nearly complete. It took longer than the anticipated 12 to 18 months that I originally called for, but that is because there were some unforeseen obstacles and, I might add, opportunities, along the way, as there generally are with endeavours of this magnitude.

There will be more to come in the months ahead, but because some of you have been asking me about it, and because over 250 residents were engaged throughout the process via phone surveys and town halls, I felt it was appropriate to at least give some insight into what has become of this project.

We have identified several recommendations from our research and community consultations, and we've brought these same recommendations forward to our roundtable to discuss an implementation plan. The strategy is now being reviewed by all partners and local leaders. Once that phase is complete, Life After Fifty will guide us on communicating our findings with the broader community and ensuring that the strategy is fully accessible to all. Furthermore, the hiring of a second outreach coordinator (see previous post) will help implement the findings of the strategy along with the current outreach coordinator, meaning it will not be a document that simply collects dust.

Again, all of this would not be possible but for the help of many. I will, as always, keep you apprised as things develop.



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