Our West End Light the Night Project


Please see an email (and attached poster) I received from Tammy Murray and please contact her (info below) if you have any questions or would like to learn more about this initiative.

Hello Our West End,

Join in our Light the Night project across West Windsor.

It’s simple, we are launching a concerted effort of

1)    Turning our Porch Lights on

2)    Neighbours talking to Neighbours,
-encourage each other to  turn porch lights on, every night.

-Through our Crime Prevention Town Hall with Windsor Police Services last March 31st, 2015 we learned that the regular use of porch lights deters crime and improves safety in our neighbourhoods.

Start date
Monday June 22nd,
before you leave for the fireworks….
Turn your porch lights on, and ask a neighbour to do the same.

3)    Keep it going;
Make a habit of turning porch lights on!
-keep Our West End neighbourhoods shining with light!  

-Offer to help seniors in your area to replace burnt out bulbs and assist with keeping trees and shrubs trimmed for good visibility to prevent the opportunity for crime to happen.

Information cards and posters
for sharing with neighbours
are available by contacting:

Outreach Coordinator,  Tammy Murray

(at Life After Fifty -Our West End is now a neighbourhood renewal program of Life After Fifty)  

4)    Let us know how it’s working on your street:
Email: Tammy Murray tmurray@lifeafterfifty.ca
for a survey to track the changes on your street or
tell us about the improvements you see in a short email.

Together, we are Our West End!!  
“Our streets. Our neighbourhoods. Our West End.”


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