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Saturday, December 28, 2013

2013 Year In Review

Friends and Neighbours,

What a year it has been! A lot of positive progress has been made in 2013 – a direct reflection of your hard work and passion in making West Windsor a better place to live, work and play. In keeping with a tradition that began last year, let’s take a look at some of the progress that has been made, along with the challenges and opportunities that will be before us in 2014.

United Way / Centraide Windsor Essex County

In the spring of 2013, we announced our new partnership with the United Way. They have invested in our strategy and have helped us tremendously over the course of the year. With United Way’s help, we have successfully developed a Residents Roundtable comprised of 16 residents representing every neighbourhood in the west-end, developed a Parks Committee and supported many youth outreach initiatives. In addition, we have organized over 100 Chrysler workers and volunteers who dedicated a whole day to cleaning up graffiti in the west-end. As I take you through our year in review, I will discuss how we have integrated some of the abovementioned activities in our community organizing efforts.

Crime Prevention and Reduction

We've done a lot of work in the area of crime prevention and reduction. Going forward, we will strive to work towards developing a group comprised of residents in the west-end to come up with innovative ideas and strategies to help reduce and prevent crime.

In addition to the above, many residents have received Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) training to make their homes and places of business safer by deterring crime through environmental design. I mention this because it is important to know that we are building a strong capacity to overcome some of our biggest challenges – the reality and perception of crime in the west-end.

West-End Strategy Update

Leann, our Strategy Coordinator, has been able to move forward quite productively in developing a resident-led strategy that focuses on community engagement and empowerment. We believe that real change comes from the bottom-up – from residents and neighbourhoods. Leann has done extensive research, built strong partnerships and is now reaching out extensively to the community through a phone blitz and focus groups.

By the summer of 2014, we will begin tying everything together to develop a list of recommendations going forward. This strategy will be our blueprint for future grassroots initiatives and will be the foundation from which we will conduct our community work.

Community Parks

In late 2013, thanks to Tammy, our Community Coordinator, we developed a Parks Committee comprised of residents in the west-end who are concerned with maintaining and preserving our parks. The goal of the committee is to play an active role in promoting our parks and increasing their usage. Working closely with the City and their ‘Adopt-A-Park’ policy, we hope to ‘adopt’ several parks in our neighbourhoods to ensure their sustainability in the long-term.

The City is consulting with the community in updating its Master Plan and will release the updated version sometime in late 2014 / early 2015. A big component of the Master Plan is the usage and management of our green space. We hope that over the course of 2014 and beyond, as we are taking more ownership over our parks, the City fully understands and acknowledges that no park in the west-end should be sold.

Information Sharing and Awareness of the West-End

We have hundreds of residents subscribed to this blog. I have never imagined that we would have so many residents engaged in not only reading blog posts, but also in sharing information and helping others in pursuit of a better community. Excellent work everyone!

In early 2014, I will issue out a challenge to all residents as we need to continue our momentum and get more residents plugged in. Stay tuned!

Grassroots Initiatives

Many grassroots initiatives have successfully sprouted or have continued in 2013 and look poised to go strong in 2014. Some of these include the West-End Crawlers, the Bloomfield House, the Bridgeview Community Outreach Group Inc., Windsor West Citizens Organization and the Sandwich Towne Farmers Market. We are lucky to have so many residents dedicated to making our west-end community stronger and more vibrant.

Boarded-Up Homes

I have chatted with residents in Sandwich Towne, particularly those who live close to the boarded-up homes this past fall. I have gathered their thoughts and summed them up in a previous post here: Conversations with Residents in Sandwich Towne.

We need to come to a resolution regarding these homes, and the sooner the better. You will see from my conversations with residents that the community is clear on what they would like to see. In the coming year there must be more aggressive and urgent action taken to resolve this current stalemate between the City and the Bridge. The only way for Sandwich Towne to rebound is if there is a resolution regarding these homes. As a community it is our job to put the pressure on our elected officials at the City, Provincial and Federal level, along with the Bridge Company and all stakeholders interested in making Sandwich Towne the gem that it has the potential to be.

Canada Post, Community Centres and Other Closures or Vacancies

For as many positive things in 2013, we have also experienced many difficult realities. Canada Post and the College Avenue Community Centre have closed, the former this past year and the latter a few years ago. The Adie Knox pool is slated for closure soon but there is an active group fighting to keep it open. From the seniors and residents to whom I have spoken, many do not want to see it go.

Some other closures or vacancies include:
·      Forster high school at the end of this school year.
·      The jail in Sandwich Towne will soon be vacant
·      The Fire Hall in Sandwich Towne will be home to a new library branch. The current branch at Brock will move into the old Fire Hall.
·      The Mason-Girardot residence is for sale
·      Some grade schools are vulnerable in that their enrolment is too low to be sustainable in the long run
·      Several churches have closed with at least one more looking to close in the new year

We need to develop a strategy surrounding the use of these buildings, while also providing stability and certainty in the community, particularly Sandwich Towne, by reaching a resolution on the boarded-up homes. Once that is achieved, we can aggressively campaign to attract investment and promote our Community Improvement Plan.

I often use the analogy that we have been bleeding as a community and we need to stop the bleeding. We cannot afford anymore closures in the west-end.

Licensing Landlords and Bylaw Enforcement     

There has been some recent developments at City Hall surrounding the licensing of landlords and developing bylaws to tackle the issue of illegal dwellings. Cracking down on negligent landlords is essential to cleaning up our neighbourhoods and making them more attractive for families. Let me be clear on this point, not all landlords are bad. I have friends and family who are landlords and they upkeep their properties to ensure they conform to the fabric of the neighbourhood. However, there is a difference between landlords and “negligent” landlords. Some sort of licensing bylaw, amendments to the current bylaws and better enforcement is needed to crack down on the negligent landlords that are not abiding by the laws. I have proposed my thoughts to the City Planning department at City Hall along with other residents in the west-end. Let’s hope there is some action on this in the new year.

Your Involvement

Our vision is to engage and empower residents to take charge and play a leading role in bettering our community. We believe that an empowered community is a strong community and we will work hard to continue these efforts in 2014. It is a privilege to serve the west-end community and we are lucky to have great people all around us who truly care. 

Your efforts and compassion is what makes the west-end a truly special place. Those who live here know how great it is and so it is our job to tell our story to the rest of the region.

Our success is rooted in your involvement. These are your streets, your neighbourhoods and your west-end. You know your neighbourhood better than anyone else. The power to create positive change lies within you.

May 2014 be our best year yet!



Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

On behalf of Our West End, we would like to wish you and yours a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

Please enjoy the holidays in the company of family, friends and loved ones.



Saturday, December 21, 2013

Stathis Grill a New Gem in our Neighbourhood


Leann and I had dinner at Stathis Grill (located at 1657 College Ave.) yesterday evening, and like always, the food and service was excellent. The prices are very reasonable, especially considering the quality of food. It is no wonder why finding a seat was hard to come by yesterday evening. 

If you haven't checked it out yet I would strongly encourage you do. You will not be disappointed. 

You can visit their website and browse their menu at Stathis Grill

What was once an abandoned commercial building is now a booming Greek Grill. We are truly fortunate to have this gem in our community. 

Thank you Stathis Grill! 


Forster/Century Chooses New Name


Please see an email I received below from a representative of the Public School Board:


I hope, by now you’ve seen the name selected for the metamorphosis of Century Secondary School….Westview Freedom Academy. It was a name that brought together a number of different suggestions in the name search….and it was developed very much by members of the community.

While we were cautious about using “West” in the name, since we already have a Western Secondary School in LaSalle….the community, especially the students were adamant that some reference to the area be  prominent in the name…there was a great sense of pride in being associated with the west-end or the west-side, if you will….hence, Westview.

Freedom came from a suggestion to align the school philosophically with a concept or perspective that resonated clearly with the community, of course the connection not only to the Underground Railroad but the nature of the area as a landing spot for new Canadians who emigrated because of war, tyranny, and oppression….

Academy was chosen because students wanted their school to have a “classy” moniker, which they agreed that the word provides.

I hope you like it….we are about to launch a campaign to brand the school with appropriate colours, mascot, nick name and slogan…we are looking for suggestions."

Winter Warm Up Youth Dance


St. Mark's, located on Tecumseh Rd. W. and Campbell Ave., is hosting a Youth Dance on Friday, January 3rd from 7pm - 11pm. The dance is for boys and girls in grades 6 to 8. Tickets are $5 at the door or $3 in advance. You can purchase advance tickets on Fridays from 9am to 12pm at St. Mark's Hall in the basement.

If you would like to learn more, please send me an email and I will forward your questions or concerns to the appropriate people at St. Mark's.

Best regards,


Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Neighbourhood Watch Formed on Bridge Avenue between College and Wyandotte


Good news. A new neighbourhood watch has formed on Bridge Avenue between College and Wyandotte. This is another positive step in fighting crime on a grassroots level. It won't be too long before we are able to develop our resident-led crime prevention and reduction group comprised of residents from each neighbourhood across the west-end.

Developing neighbourhood watches and being proactive with resident-led solutions to fighting crime is absolutely critical if we hope to one day reduce crime and eradicate the negative perception of crime in our neighbourhoods.

We're building a safer west-end community, block by block, neighbourhood by neighbourhood.


Successful First Parks Meeting


Our West End held its first parks committee meeting this evening and it was successful. The committee discussed the "adopt-a-park" policy initiated by the City of Windsor, among other things, and we discussed in length how residents can take ownership of their parks. We are looking at practical steps (i.e. by adopting a park) to preserve and maintain parks in the area and implement alternative features to increase user-ship. 

Our next meeting will be around late January. If you are interested in joining the group, please let me know and I will add your name to the email list. I will send a reminder closer to the next meeting as well. 

We are making great strides and I am so very proud of our staff, volunteers and west-end community. 


Car Break-ins in Bridgeview


The Bridgeview neighbourhood watch informed me of two car break-ins that occurred in the past few days in Bridgeview. One on Rankin between Vercheres and Grove and the other on Grove.

Please be on the lookout and contact Windsor Police with any relevant information.


Sunday, December 8, 2013

Free Household Items


Please see a message I received from the West End Crawlers:

Hello everyone!
A couple who live on Peter St. manage student houses/apts., and when the students leave, they get what's left in them. 
They wanted to open a thrift store, however they both face serious medical issues, so the store will not be able to open.  He hasTONS of, you-name-it, household/kitchen items, clothing, shoes, coats, comforters, bedding, furniture etc..
I told them I would send out this email to everyone I know who might be able to help find homes for it all.  If you, or someone you know, can use any of these item, please contact me!  I'd like to know by Friday Dec. 13th, then we'll arrange to pick it all up by Friday Dec. 20 and distribute.  If anyone can recruit "helpers" to pick it up, that'd be appreciated! 
FABIO, if you could post our dilemma and contact info. in your blog, it'd be greatly appreciated!
I'd like to have (at least most of it) out of their house before Christmas!
Rita Higgins:  westendcrawlers@gmail.com

The West End Crawlers asked to amend the above and add this: 

"About the donation items: I should have included that we will be working with established organizations, to help the masses, so if you, as an individual, request anything, there's a possibility we may not be able to get you what you'd like, from this particular supply. We hope you understand! If you contact us, please be specific in what you need, and we'll see what we can do!"

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Our West End Resident Parks Committee


Recently the Our West End team and volunteers dropped off brochures in the Bridgeview neighbourhood to promote and advertise a resident-led parks committee. 

The intent of the committee is to develop strategies for our parks in Bridgeview and come up with resident-led solutions to maintaining and preserving them. If you would like to learn more or get involved with our parks initiative, please contact Tammy Murray, our Community Coordinator, at 


We are very lucky to have dedicated residents and volunteers who truly care about the west-end. Their commitment to the community and service to a greater cause is inspiring and humbling. 


Stolen Four Wheeler


Please see below from a fellow west-end resident:

"3 kids took my 4wheeler at 1245 am lastnight I have it on video the cops have it they are looking in to it I live on campbell plz pass this on so I hope to get it back its blue with a red plow on it its a polaris 250 cc and it don't have a back rack on it it fell off when they took it there's no lights on it plz help me find it" 

Source: West-end resident

Assumption Robotics


Please see an email I received from a parent rep (my aunt) of Assumption high school along with a pdf file that features their sponsorship programs and benefits of the program. They are looking for sponsors for their robotic team. Robotics is a fantastic program that gives the students practical experience and helps build lifelong lessons. Any help for Assumption and our west-end youth would be greatly appreciated.

"Hey Fabs....We are looking for sponsors for Robotics. If you know of anyone or any group that would consider Assumption worthy to sponsor for its 2013-2014 Robotic season, it would be greatly appreciated. Registration for competitions are $4000-$5000 each, and each team has to register for minimally 2 competitions. Every little counts towards this....Thanks!"

West End Crawlers Update


The West End Crawlers are in the Christmas Spirit. Check out their latest update below:

Looking for a unique Christmas gift? We will be drawing for two Scentsy Warmers, each with three Scentsy bars at our Christmas Gathering on Friday December 6th.! Tickets are $5 each or three for $10, (for each warmer). Winners need not be present to win. Tickets sold until Thursday, December 5th. ALL proceeds go to buy food for West end food banks! Email WestEndCrawlers@gmail.com or contact us at 519 903 6382 if you are interested in tickets. (Must be picked up, or we can meet somewhere bet. 9am-Noon, Mon-Fri.)

Friday, November 8, 2013

Volunteers Needed to Leaflet Bridgeview for our Parks Committee

Thursday November 14th,  at 5:30pm
Our West End will be dropping information brochures in our Bridgeview Neighbourhoods to create a Parks Committee of Residents. 
The Committee will be meeting at the end of November to discuss how residents can get involved in bettering their parks and looking at opportunities and alternative uses for the park space that currently exists. 

To get involved:
Contact Our West End
Community Coordinator
Tammy Murray
or   519-254-1108 Ext. 134

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

My Conversations with Residents in Olde Sandwich Towne


I have recently spent some time in the Sandwich Towne neighbourhood chatting with residents and getting their thoughts on the boarded-up homes issue. Below is a brief summary of my conversations with the residents and general thoughts on the matter. I sent the same to the Windsor Star hoping they will publish it in their editorial page.

Conversations with Residents in Olde Sandwich Towne

I have lived in the west-end most of my life, particularly in the Bridgeview neighbourhood where I currently reside, and about two years in Sandwich Towne when I was a toddler. I love the west-end and believe the area has so much potential.

Recently, I canvassed the Sandwich Towne neighbourhood, chatting with residents about the Our West End initiative that I founded several years ago. Thanks to the recent help of the United Way, we have been able to roll out some very positive initiatives for the community around engaging and empowering residents along with supporting them in making positive changes for their neighbourhood.  

When canvassing in the Sandwich Towne area, naturally, the topic of the boarded-up homes was brought up and I thought it was important that the residents’ voices be heard, especially those who live right across the street from the boarded-up homes and surrounding area. Among all that’s been developing regarding this issue, which has amplified over the past several weeks and months, the voices of the residents directly affected have often been drowned out. It’s important that they be heard as well.

In my discussions with residents who live on Indian Road, Edison and Brock Street, and business owners in the area, the general consensus was that residents do not want the neighbourhood to change and will only agree for some homes to be demolished on the condition that they be replaced with something positive for the area that conforms to the fabric, history and heritage of Olde Sandwich Towne. They expressly stated that they were opposed to a truck plaza, a connector highway, or anything that changes the landscape of the neighbourhood. It is very important to keep in mind that residents were only in favour of demolition if the following conditions were met, otherwise, they were strongly opposed to any demolition. A few residents expressed that no homes should be demolished and instead refurbished.

What residents also asked for was more clarity on behalf of the Bridge Company. In other words, they wanted to see a plan with specifics. They felt there was too much ambiguity, rhetoric and politics involved.

According to a report conducted late last year from Claire Brownell of the Windsor Star, Sandwich Towne lost 1 out of 7 residents over the past 5 years, which makes it the fastest shrinking neighbourhood in the region. For Sandwich Towne to rebound, we must address this issue with the boarded-up homes. Residents clearly want to see a resolution with the matter and do not want to continue with the status quo.

A resolution on the boarded-up homes provides more certainty to the neighbourhood which means more families and business may be inclined to move in. With more certainty and stability in Sandwich Towne, the Community Improvement Plan that was developed many years ago, and all of its incentives, will hold more weight. In addition, there is a lot of promise with the several vacant buildings (Post Office, Fire Hall, soon-to-be jail, etc.) that are ripe for repurposing. If the right strategy is in place, there could be a lot of positive opportunities in creating an historical hub showcasing Sandwich Towne’s history, among other ideas and uses for our valuable assets in the neighbourhood.

Over the years, myself and others fought hard for Olde Sandwich Towne. We fought against the closure of Forster, College Avenue Community Centre, and other vital institutions in the neighbourhood. We will continue to fight. The Sandwich community is resilient and full of great people and these same people must never be overlooked. It is vitally important that not only are their voices heard, but that they are included in the conversation and discussion, because after all, who knows the neighbourhood better than the residents who live there? 

Sandwich Towne's history is rich, and I believe its future can be even richer. 

Monday, October 28, 2013

Petty Crime on Queen St.


Please see an email below I received from a resident on Queen St.

Hi Fabio. Just a note to let you know that someone has been poking around backyards on Queen St. In the last week a lounge chair and bike pump has gone missing. Funny, they don't take the stuff that's worth any money. I have let the neighbours know to keep an extra eye out. Can you post this on your blog. Thanks

Bridgeview Halloween Party


The Bridgeview Outreach for Youth Inc. group is having a halloween party at North Merritt Park this Thursday. Come by and bring the kids! See their flyer below.

Bridgeview Boo Fest

Join us if you dare
for a Halloween scare…
We’re calling all goblins,
ghosts and creatures of the night!!!
So creep, float, or crawl on over
to our Halloween Costume party!

The party will begin
 at 5:30 p.m.
on Thursday October 31st
North Merritt Park

You’d be ghoulish
to miss this party! 

The Power of Volunteers and Community Champions


Please see the email below that I received from a resident. It goes to show the compassion and power of community champions like Jack and the effects they can have on a neighbourhood. 

"Fabio, I just found out that Jack Renner & his wife, Wendy Murkar, have donated 13 trees that are to be planted by the City in the park @ Riverside Dr. & Campbell Ave., sometime next week.  Anyone familiar with this park remember how we lost a # of trees to disease & had to be cut down.  Jack is the person that was profiled in Henderson's column a couple of weeks ago.  Jack & Wendy have always been supporters of the West End & renovated a # of homes in the Jeanette, Pitt & Chatham area.  He organized a crew of volunteers a few years ago to clean up & landscape (through donations & some of his own $$$$) the park walkway @ Riverside Dr. & Cameron.  Sad to add, that because of a dispute between the Railway & City of Windsor, it had to be abandoned & is now overgrown with weeds & junk that ignorant people discard there.  If you ever get a chance, take a walk down there so see what was a beautiful endeavour on the part of these volunteers.  Hopefully it can be restored.  We could use more caring citizens like Jack.
You have my permission to post this memo."

Forster Needs Community Input for New Name


Please see the email below that I received from a representative of the public school board. He is looking for community input for the new Forster high school. If you are interested, send me an email and I will forward it off to him. Thanks.


I hope you have been following the activities at Forster and Century this fall….it’s been going well. Forster has adopted the theme “An Awesome Year” and I believe that positive, resilient attitude should be applauded.
They had their much music dance last night and have lots of other plans.

Our next step is to put together a naming committee for the new high school – I am helping the Director put this together, with, I hope, a group of creative people from the area who understand the importance of developing a strong brand for this school.

Can you suggest some candidates….it won’t be an onerous exercise….just a couple meetings and some e-mail discussions. I want artists, entrepreneurs, people with marketing experience, creative types.

Let me know as soon as you can."

Also, please see an email I received regarding the Forster campaign update:

Thank you SO much for your daily votes.  We are very close to winning a cheque for $25 000 US for our school but we are short 500 votes right now.  We have changed our strategy and have created a Facebook event  so that you can invite all your Facebook friends to the voting event page.  Here is the link: https://www.facebook.com/events/1428731500679891/?ref_newsfeed_story_type=regular

Thank you again for all your support- it means a lot!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Save Adie Knox Pool


The Adie Knox pool is slated for closure at the end of this winter. There is a group of seniors and Adie Knox members, led by Doug Peddle, who are getting a petition signed to fight the closure. I was contacted by Doug and others regarding this and I fully support their endeavour and encourage you all to sign the petition by clicking on the link below. Let's show our support for this vitally important service in the west-end.



Save Adie Knox Pool

Help Forster Win $100,000 and a Kelly Clarkson Conscert


I received the following email below from a teacher and Student Council Advisor at Forster. Please help the school by following her instructions below. Thanks!

You have been a devote supporter of our school and I wanted to know if you could help us one more time? blog/Facebook.  Forster is closing this year but we have made a commitment to make it one awesome final.  We have entered a huge contest to win a concert by Kelly Clarkson and tens of thousands of dollars.  We need daily votes starting today until Saturday, Oct 26.  Please place this on your blog and spread the word to your Facebook friends.  We are also on Facebook under "Friends of Forster." Here is the link:  www.celebratemydrive.com  You need to select Windsor, Ontario (no postal code needed)  and then select J.L. Forster Secondary and then answer 2 safe driving multiple choice questions and make your commitment to safe driving.

Thanks so much!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Car Break-Ins on Hillcrest and Throughout the St. James Grade School Area


I received an email from a west-end resident who recently had her car broken into. Please be on the lookout, especially if you live around the St. James grade school neighbourhood. Windsor Police were notified.

Just wanted to let you know I live on Hillcrest and someone broke into a bunch of our vehicles and stole money this past Thursday evening. Called the police and they never came out. My brother in law saw them trying to break into a vehicle and they only asked for a description -never showed up or even patrolled the area. It was a white and black man."

Praising 311 City Services


A local west-ender asked me to post this to the blog and wants to remind you all of the services that 311 offers. He has had much success using 311 in getting things done for his neighbourhood in Sandwich Towne.

Praising 311 City Services
I’ve used the 311 call centre at least 100 times this year and about the same last year, mostly for Sandwich Town issues, pot holes, long grass, junk in front of people’s homes, mattresses, couches, toilets. Many graffiti complaints but the best part is that over 100 times the junk is cleaned up and the graffiti is removed. Members of other cities that do not have such a service such as this would be envious of Windsor for Implementing 311. We can get things done without having to bother councilors; they have enough on their plate. I want to just thank the Mayor and any city councilor who helped implement the 311 service. We are lucky here in Windsor. Because of our By-Law Officer and Crimes Unit, Sandwich Town may just be a place where people may want to move into instead of moving away from.

Email:  311@city.windsor.on.ca

Friends of the Court, Mackenzie Hall


A message I received from the Friends of the Court, Mackenzie Hall:

Dear Friends of the Court,
As always Mackenzie Hall is a busy place. We hope that you have marked your calendar and are planning to attend some upcoming events.
Annual General Meeting will be held Tues. Oct. 15 at 5:15 P.M. 
The meeting portion will be brief and will include the election of directors and hearing reports of Hall activities. There will be plenty of time to visit with new and old friends while enjoying a selection of sandwiches, desserts and hot cider or coffee.
 Lucinda's Fashions Through Time Sun. Oct. 20 from 2:00 P.M. until 4:00 P.M.  
Lucinda Morris has graciously co-ordinated a vintage fashion show covering 400 years and it is something you won't want to miss. Tickets for this fundraiser are $25.00 and can be purchased by calling the front desk at Mackenzie Hall 519-255-7600.
We are grateful for many things this time of year including the support you give to Mackenzie Hall.
We look forward to seeing you soon.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Free Books!


The United Way has partnered with Chrysler Canada to give away free books! Please see their email to me below and please get in touch with me should you want a summary of the books that are available. Thanks.


“Chrysler Canada Partners with United Way and Scholastic to Donate over 10,000 New Children’s Books to Windsor Essex County Youth”

Chrysler Canada recently contacted the United  Way, asking us to work with them to distribute 10,000 donated books to local children and youth in Windsor and Essex County.   These books are being offered to locations such as after-school programs;  food banks; day care centres; new-comer agencies and holiday event (toy) drives.    As an organization that works directly with children and families, we are inviting you to access some of these books, to be utilized within your programs and/ or to be distributed to children who will benefit from this donation.

A summary of the books that are available, along with suggested age ranges, is attached.  We ask that you complete the order form and return it to us as soon as possible.  The books will be distributed on a first come, first serve basis,  while quantities last.  

Please return the completed request form to:      Lynn Kong -  lkong@weareunited.com         519-258-0000 x 1122    by Tuesday October 15, 2013

You will be notified when the request is complete and you will be asked to arrange for pick- up here at the United Way offices at 300 Giles Blvd East, during regular business hours.  

Thank you.

Free Spitfires Tickets!


The United Way has graciously offered Our West End a suite to the Spitfires game tomorrow (Thursday, Oct. 10) at 7pm. Please message me if you are interested in joining us. All are welcome! Thanks.



Friday, October 4, 2013

Break-Ins on Askin and Bloomfield


There have been some break-ins lately on Askin and Bloomfield. This was reported to me from residents who live in each neighbourhood. Please be on the lookout and contact Windsor Police if you see anything suspicious.


Best Lil' Hair House Open Again!


See the positive email I received from a fellow west-ender:

"Good Day Fabio:  To bring you up to snuff re:  my earlier message that lo & behold, another Business had closed in the West End, namely, The Best 'Lil Hair House".  Apparently, the gals (Kim & Michelle) have returned!  There is a sign in the window & also a sign in Rimer's Auto Repair.  Welcome back Ladies."

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Community Organizing


Below are some pictures from our west-end youth block party and our recent visit to the Bloomfield House.

The youth block party was a great success thanks to the organizing efforts of New Beginnings (Marianne Wright et al) and several youth leaders. There were many service providers in attendance and youth were exposed to the many services available in our region.

The Bloomfield House is a community space for residents on Bloomfield road and the west-end in general. It is also a unique social enterprise in that it strives to be self-sufficient by having a flea market, among other initiatives, to help pay its bills so that it serves its social purpose.

To learn more about the Bloomfield House, you can contact the founder TJ Travis at tj.travis@live.com.


CPTED Training


I am happy to say that Our West End recently had the opportunity, thanks to the United Way, to send 7 residents from the west-end to receive a day long training on crime prevention and reduction through environmental design. Barry Horrobin of Windsor Police offered the day long training and the feedback thus far has been excellent. Residents are now better acquainted with tips and strategies to make their homes and neighbourhoods safer through creating visible environments (i.e. more lighting in certain areas of the home and exterior, trimming of bushes in certain locations, etc.) along with other strategies that will ultimately deter criminal activity.

Our West End is committed to resident engagement and empowerment. Yesterday's training is a positive step in fulfilling our commitments and more importantly creating a better west-end to live, work and play.


Monsanto Update


A local west-end resident asked that I post this for her:

Attention Fabio Constante

Good afternoon, could you please send this post out with your next newsletter?

Thank you for taking an interest in helping out and  initiative regarding the next MAM Oct. 12th. We want to spread awareness across our community about Monsanto and GMOs
 This is a world-wide event as supporters take a stance against GMO's and the big corporate Monsanto. Below is a copy of the press release and some links that you can pass on to your contact.

FACEBOOK LINKS: https://www.facebook.com/MarchAgainstMonsantoCanada

Join us on Saturday, October 12th, 2013 as we gather to express our concerns about genetically modified food products. (GMOs)
This march is a World-Wide event being planned on six continents, in 36 countries with over 3 million supporters.
You are encouraged to meet at 12 noon at Dieppe Gardens at the foot of Riverside Drive and Ouellette.

We are taking a stance against  genetically modified food products that are NOT labeled and are entering the food chain.
In particular we want to create awareness about Monsanto’s impact and monopoly of certain food products, corn for example and the harmful affects of GMO’s.

Our mission is to promote organic solutions and to support local businesses to ensure product safety.
Food products imported into Canada require origin labeling but GMO’s enter the food chain silently.

They can also type in Monsanto into google and they will find a lot of information on GMO food.

1) www.nongmoproject.org/
2) www.cornucopia.org
3) www.thefutureoffood.com/
4) http://www.march-against-monsanto.com/

If you require any more information from me, please advise   valente.lisa@yahoo.ca

Energy Salesmen at Your Door


Please see an email I received below form the block captain of the newly formed "Bridge Ave" neighbourhood watch.


Thanks for responding Fabio. Tonight 2 black males saying they represent Ontario Energy Group were knocking on doors in my neighbourhood. One said that there was high energy consumption in area and they were working with Union Gas and Enwin to make sure people equipment needed to be seen to be taken off the list if they were updated energy efficient. I said they were but he kept on insisting and that he wasn't selling anything. I actually let him into my house to inspect which he did superficially and said I was up to date. I always turn these type of people away but he had a different line. A few minutes later I was astounded at my own stupidity.
I didn't sign anything but didn't like the fact he was in my home. I went up the street where he was talking to an elderly Chinese lady I know, as I waited for him to finish I heard him trying to sell her a contract. I confronted him verbally and the lady heard what I was saying and said she wasn't interested in what he was selling.He was quite aggressive in style. I looked the company online and there are many many complaints.

Please send out a warning. John Bondy , Bridge Ave Neighbourhood Watch (College to Wyandotte)