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Monday, October 28, 2013

The Power of Volunteers and Community Champions


Please see the email below that I received from a resident. It goes to show the compassion and power of community champions like Jack and the effects they can have on a neighbourhood. 

"Fabio, I just found out that Jack Renner & his wife, Wendy Murkar, have donated 13 trees that are to be planted by the City in the park @ Riverside Dr. & Campbell Ave., sometime next week.  Anyone familiar with this park remember how we lost a # of trees to disease & had to be cut down.  Jack is the person that was profiled in Henderson's column a couple of weeks ago.  Jack & Wendy have always been supporters of the West End & renovated a # of homes in the Jeanette, Pitt & Chatham area.  He organized a crew of volunteers a few years ago to clean up & landscape (through donations & some of his own $$$$) the park walkway @ Riverside Dr. & Cameron.  Sad to add, that because of a dispute between the Railway & City of Windsor, it had to be abandoned & is now overgrown with weeds & junk that ignorant people discard there.  If you ever get a chance, take a walk down there so see what was a beautiful endeavour on the part of these volunteers.  Hopefully it can be restored.  We could use more caring citizens like Jack.
You have my permission to post this memo."

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