Energy Salesmen at Your Door


Please see an email I received below form the block captain of the newly formed "Bridge Ave" neighbourhood watch.


Thanks for responding Fabio. Tonight 2 black males saying they represent Ontario Energy Group were knocking on doors in my neighbourhood. One said that there was high energy consumption in area and they were working with Union Gas and Enwin to make sure people equipment needed to be seen to be taken off the list if they were updated energy efficient. I said they were but he kept on insisting and that he wasn't selling anything. I actually let him into my house to inspect which he did superficially and said I was up to date. I always turn these type of people away but he had a different line. A few minutes later I was astounded at my own stupidity.
I didn't sign anything but didn't like the fact he was in my home. I went up the street where he was talking to an elderly Chinese lady I know, as I waited for him to finish I heard him trying to sell her a contract. I confronted him verbally and the lady heard what I was saying and said she wasn't interested in what he was selling.He was quite aggressive in style. I looked the company online and there are many many complaints.

Please send out a warning. John Bondy , Bridge Ave Neighbourhood Watch (College to Wyandotte)


  1. From a west-end resident in Sandwich Towne:


    I just wanted to confirn the post in the news letter about the energy sales men. They came to my door and said they needed to come in my home by law and it was illegal to not have an energy efficient furnaces on my home. They insisted that I would be fined or charges and they needed to get this fixed immediately. I called windsor police, I did not like there aggressive tactics and they suspicious. The description s of the two males were the same as described in your post.



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