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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Beyond the Badge: What Windsor Wants from Police

This was a great initiative by CBC and Windsor Police.  Residents were given the opportunity to ask Police Chief, Al Frederick, questions regarding policing and crime in their neighbourhood.  I am featured at around the 5:10 mark representing the west-end.  See the link below.

Crime Strategy for the West-end

Pasta sauce cookoff benefits kids in West Windsor

I attended the pasta sauce cookoff this past Saturday and tried several delicious sauces.  A big congratulations to the Friends for Atkinson Park and Pool group, along with all of the volunteers who made the event an overwhelming success.  See the link below to learn more about the fundraiser.

Fabio Costante

Pasta sauce cookoff benefits kids in West Windsor

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Saving Forster High School


We are hosting a meeting on November 8 regarding the potential closure of Forster.  I hope you can make it and please spread the word with friends and neighbours.  See the communication release below.

Save the Date...Save the School...Save the Community
Re:  Forster closure
Please join the open public information meeting to be held on: 
Thursday, November 8, 2012 at 
St. John's Parish Hall
3294 Sandwich St. W. at 7 p.m.
This meeting will provide important information in advance of the Board's meeting November 19, 2012, which will decide the fate of Forster High School.
More information will be provided Thursday, November 8, 2012.
A full house is needed at both meetings.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Interview with CBC News


I just completed an interview with CBC News where we walked through Sandwich Town and other neighbourhoods in the west-end.  The primary purpose of the interview was to ask the new Windsor Police Chief Al Frederick, and various other community groups on Policing, three fundamental questions:

1.  Does Windsor Police have a unique strategy specific to the west-end to reduce and eliminate crime?
2.  How can we as residents, aside from forming neighbourhood watch groups, assist Windsor Police in achieving their goals?
3.  How can we work together to change the negative perception of the west-end?

Some, if not all, of those questions will be addressed at a town hall next week featuring the new Police Chief, and other snippets may be aired on CBC News sometime in the near future.

In addition to the questions, we discussed the challenges, opportunities and strategies to make the west-end a better place to live, work and play.

Fabio Costante

Monday, October 15, 2012

Price Chopper’s closure to create grocery vacuum


In case you missed it, see the link below discussing the closure of Price Chopper's on Crawford and Wyandotte.  What are your thoughts regarding the closure and relocation?

Price Chopper’s closure to create grocery vacuum

Fabio Costante

Spaghetti Dinner and Pasta Sauce Contest


Below is an email I received regarding a fundraiser for the Friends For Atkinson Park and Pool (FFAPP) Group:

Source:  West-end Resident


Friends For Atkinson Park and Pool is holding a Spaghetti Sauce Competition at Holy Name of Mary Church on October 27th. Tickets for the spaghetti dinner are $10.00 for adults and children 12 and over. Tickets for children 5 years old to11 years will cost $5.00 and children 4 years old and under are free. Refreshments and baked goods will be available for an additional cost. This is a joint fund raiser with The Knights of Columbus and all monies raised by F.F.A.P.P. will go directly to our subsidized swimming program.

With the amount of publicity that we have been getting in the media for this event, we are certain that we will have a big crowd and therefore will need as much assistance as possible for clearing tables, etc. as possible.  If any of our older swimmers age 12 or older and/or their parents are available to assist (4-7 p.m.) it would be greatly appreciated.  The K of C members did acknowledge that they would love to meet some of the kids so they could put faces to our programme. They have been one of our generous supporters of the subsidized swim program and have also donated their time at the park painting the skate board park and assisting us with other events when needed.

I have attached 2 flyers inviting you to the event or inviting you to join the competition by creating your own tasty sauce to be judged by Professional Chefs  from our area. We hope to see you there.

Please contact myself or Marilyn Woodison for tickets.

Marilyn Woodison at 519 254-8624 or
Debbie Morin 519 253-8613"

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Solar Lights Stolen - 3600 block of Queen St.


A resident who lives on the 3600 block of Queen St. had her solar lights stolen.  They were placed on her fence facing the alley.  Police were notified.  If you see or learn about anything suspicious in the neighbourhood, please report it to the police right away.

Let's continue to share relevant information to not only help our friend retrieve her stolen property, but to also make our neighbourhood safer.

Fabio Costante

Source:  West-end Resident

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Museum in Sandwich Town


"On Monday night, council approved a motion by Ward 2 Councillor Ron Jones the the city begin lobbying the province over the future use of the jail.  Jones has been arguing for the jail to be converted into a museum for the west side."

What are your thoughts on this?  See the link below to learn more about the status of museums in Windsor.

Windsor mayor pledges new museum by 2014