Museum in Sandwich Town


"On Monday night, council approved a motion by Ward 2 Councillor Ron Jones the the city begin lobbying the province over the future use of the jail.  Jones has been arguing for the jail to be converted into a museum for the west side."

What are your thoughts on this?  See the link below to learn more about the status of museums in Windsor.

Windsor mayor pledges new museum by 2014


  1. A museum may be educational, depending on the subject matter but we have other things that need correcting that are urgent. I think part of the old jail should be leased to the Teen Health Center for a small amount. The rest should be used as a space to occupy and educate pre-teens and teens. Such as an electronics club, computer club, history/geneology club etc etc. There are many adults in the community who could easily get police clearance and freely give their time. Many teens are getting interested in ardunio which would be a perfect club to teach budding electronic
    Hobbists and a place to do it safely. There are many other possibilities.
    Our west end teens have next to nothing and they are our near future.



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