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Thank You for a Wonderful Year

Dear Residents:

Over the past several years, I have had the privilege of meeting many of you at your doorsteps, your living rooms, your back porches and all throughout the community.  I've heard incredible stories and learned so much from each and every one of you. 

As the year comes to an end, I would first like to thank everyone who has been involved in Our West End.  Whether it was knocking on doors or sending me an email reporting a crime -- I've received hundreds of emails this year -- your participation has made this experience worthwhile.  Because of you, we have been able to share valuable information regarding crime and have been able to assist police and city authority regarding any issues and challenges we face.  We have accomplished quite a bit in a short period of time.  Some of our accomplishments include:

- Park lights ordered and soon to be installed in North Merritt Park
- Community Town Hall meeting for Bridgeview residents regarding traffic, crime and park l…

Three Windsor addresses raided as part of cross-Canada organized crime investigation

Naples Pizza Opening on Prince Rd.

What was once an eyesore and vacant building with graffiti has now turned into a new Naples Pizza on Prince Rd. close to the Matchette intersection. 

If you haven't tried Naples pizza before, I suggest you do.  Stop by and support your local business. 

Fabio Costante

Break-In on Vercheres

Break-In on the 2200 block of Vercheres.  Culprits broke into shed and took nothing.  Police were notified.

Positive Stories -- Olde Sandwich enjoys the season

Positive Stories - Assumption Students and Small Business Re-Opening

In keeping with our new promise of delivering positive stories of our west-end, I will share two:  one from my experience at Assumption high school and the other from a resident in the west-end.

I was recently a guest speaker at Assumption high school where I presented to gr. 10 and gr. 12 students.  I challenged the students to get involved in their local community, particularly in the west-end where they live and where they have an intimate connection.  Several students brainstormed different community organizations and initiatives to get involved in and they discussed utilizing their required 40 hours of community service towards an initiative or project that will help the west-end. 

Second positive story from west-end resident:
"I noticed the other day that the once closed variety store, Campbell at Grove - just north of Bridgeview Library, I think it is Grove, has re-opened...good news the store is back up and running and has a big sign offering deals."

All for now,

Females Targeted in Two Incidents on University of Windsor Campus, Saturday, Sunday Mornings | windsoriteDOTca - windsor ontario arts, music, hyperlocal news blog

Crafty solution to starting business - Olde Sandwich Towne

Speaking of positive stories...

Crafty solution to starting business

Positive Stories

Hello everyone:

I am deciding to incorporate more positive stories about the west-end routinely and continuously.  After chatting with several subscribers and asking them for their honest input, the biggest trend I found was that people wanted to hear more positive, good stories about the west-end.  I agree!!  We have so much to be proud about and we should tell our story to the rest of the city and region.  However, I can't do it alone and will ask that if anyone would like to write me a positive story about the west-end, I would be more than happy to post that story and share it with our many subscribers.

The original intent of Our West End was to discuss issues and opportunities related to our neighbourhoods, particularly to do with crime.  I have always been and will always be adaptable to changes but I still believe our core purpose is to make the west-end the best place to live, work and play and in doing so, we should be up front and honest about our challenges, but also ce…

Comments for Ward 2 meeting on November 23, 2011

Below is a letter that was written by a Ward 2 resident who will be unable to attend Wednesday's Ward 2 meeting.  His concerns and letter are as follows:  I thank the representatives of the city and university for taking the time to hear comments from residents.  As I am unable to attend the Ward 2 meeting, I am providing these comments by email.  As suggested by council staff, I have indicated those comments to which I request a reply. My vision for the neighbourhood is a clean, quiet, happy place with a diverse mix of families, university professors, graduate students, undergraduate students, and retirees.  The city and university should encourage and support diverse populations and property use within each neighbourhood since experience has shown that concentrating any one population leads to problems.
1. Parking by-law enforcement A.   I commend the Commissionaires for their generally prompt response to complaints made on weekdays and Saturdays and they usually lay a ticket. B.   P…

Break-In 900 Block of California Ave.

Hi neighbours house was broken into around 6:00 pm on Sunday evening. He believes they came through the front window. He also owns a dog which I never heard bark so he believes it could have been someone who knows them. They took a lap top and a new computer and a few other electronic items. He had just installed a new porch light as well as there had been a previous attempt a month or 2 ago. There has been much more foot traffic in the area from students so thieves blend in. I believe houses in this area are being targeted due to people believing most of the houses are student residences and have electronics in them.

Man stabbed at house party

North Merritt Park

There was graffiti recently painted along the fences facing North Merritt Park, particularly on the properties adjacent to Vercheres, Askin and Merritt.  The action took place sometime after dark and before morning.  Police were notified and already inspected the premises.  Evidence such as paint cans was gathered and will hopefully be useful in catching the culprit(s). 

Source:  West-End Resident

Windsor Targets Abandoned Homes

The City of Windsor plans to get tough on owners of abandoned or derelict buildings.  City council will deal with a "blight mitigation strategy," which was developed by city staff.  This may have implications on the boarded-up homes in Sandwich Towne.  See the link to learn more:

Friends of the Court

I was invited and attended the Friends of the Court annual general meeting. The Friends of the Court does work throughout the year to ensure that Mackenzie Hall remains the vibrant Cultural Centre it has grown to be.  To learn more about the Friends of the Court or Mackenzie Hall, click on the following link:

Fabio Costante

Thank You

Just a quick thank you to all of the volunteers who have helped me deliver flyers and knock on doors these past few weeks.  The success of Our West End is highly dependent on the level of involvement from residents in the area.  Whether it's reporting a crime, discussing an issue, helping spread the word by canvassing and dropping flyers, or simply telling friends and neighbours about what we do; every little bit counts.  So again, THANK YOU!

I will continue dropping flyers and canvassing every Sunday until the holidays.  If you're interested in coming along, please drop me an email at

All the best,

Concern Over West-End Parks

Hi Fabio, I have attached the Park Usage Report and the appendixes, the council minutes from July 4 --which aren't very informative (they deferred), although I think it is interesting to note that the topic was identified as "surplus parkland" (pg. 20 of July 4 council minutes) and that the report is titled "Park Usage", while all the media coverage is about the City's obligations under the accessibility legislation.  (Does this seem odd to you?--I am thinking that the accessibility legislation is being used as an "enabler" for the sale of public parks that Council has tried in the past.) One line from the report particularly concerns me: "In some cases the function of a neighbourhood park can be better accommodated by the closest community/regional park."  Clearly, Ward 2 is "deficient" in "neighbourhood" parks and over-supplied in "community/regional" parks--the waterfront, Mic Mac and Malden are…

Attempted Break-In on Vercheres

There was an attempted break-in on the 2100 block of Vercheres earlier this week.  Fortunately, the culprits were unsuccessful in trying to get into the house.  Police have been contacted. 

Source: West-End Resident

Noise Complaint: City of Windsor By-Law 6716

Dear Residents: 

Sent to me by email from a west-end resident: 

Hello again Fabio,

Attached is a Word file with a stripped-down version of the written complaint form I left with you at the Green Bean.  Some people may find it more convenient than the hard copy.  Those who are not digitally adept could fill out by hand the hard copy.  The hard copy also has part of the by-law on the back, which the Word file does not.
I, (name )______________________________________________________________________ of  (address of Residence) _____________________________________________________ state that the following information is true to the best of my knowledge and belief (please attach additional pages if required):
Description Of Noise (Include as many details as possible)
From where did noise originate? (Include address) How do you know it came from there?

Where were you when you heard the noise? (Inc…

Proposed Lease of Sandwich Parkette at 3110 Sandwich St

City Council approved the lease of the property known municipally as 3110 Sandwich Street for a period of ten years, subject to mutually agreed upon terms and conditions between the City of Windsor and Suncor Energy Product Partnership.

The land will continue to be used as a parkette under the lease agreement.

To learn more about the agreement see this link:


Fabio Costante

River Rouge stops hum investigation

McEwan -- Replica gun sparks heavy police response

Ward 2 Meeting

Dear residents:

On November 23 at 6pm, Councilor Ron Jones will host a Ward 2 meeting at the Church of the Ascension on University Ave. W.  The meeting will address accomplishments and future plans and will feature representation from Windsor Police, Public works and the Planning and Bylaw department.  

I look forward to seeing you there!

Fabio Costante

Stolen Bike

hi my son's bike was taken last night sometime in the 900 block of mcewan

Source: West-End Resident

Stolen Hibiscus Tree

A week ago,Sat or Sun, someone stole a hibiscus tree off our front porch in 800 block of curry.

Source: West-End Resident

Car Break-In on Vercheres

There was a car break-in on the 2200 block of Vercheres.  Police was notified. 

Source: West-End Resident

Vandalism at Holy Name of Mary Church

"The church steps were re-cemented yesterday Oct. 25 and the care taker of the church stayed in the church until 8:00 p.m.
When the care taker came back this morning oct. 26, he found that someone has written in the cement "THE PIG WAS HERE".  Thank God this was done on one side of a step.
So; From all the people who attend Holy Name of Mary church we say to you "PIG"  WE WILL WATCH FOR YOU ALONG WITH WINDSOR POLICE  and you will get your reward.
Grow up ! This is not funny."
Source:  West-End Resident

Town Hall Meeting Follow-up

Dear west-end residents: 

I received an email today from council services following up on our town hall meeting held two weeks ago.  Below are some of the issues that already have been addressed by each respective authority: 

- Noise complaint about Faces on College, the Supervisor of Licensing & Deputy Licence Commissioner indicates that the complaint process is through Windsor Police, they would enforce in the evenings, afterhours, residents should call Windsor Police to report these complaints, afterhours.
- The streetlight complaint at College/Randolph, and in front of 349 Rankin was repaired on Friday.
- I forwarded the alley closing concern to the appropriate dept. for response, the resident should be contacted directly.
- Other concerns re: adding lighting have budget implications, Councillor Jones will have to update you regarding these issues. 

As to the last issue, we know that North Merritt Park was already approved for lighting. 

We are seeing results thanks to the …

Windsor police nab one suspect, seek others after van slams into house

Police ask anyone with information about the incident or the identities of the fugitives to call the investigations branch at 519-255-6700, ext. 4830, or Crime Stoppers at 519-258-TIPS (8477).

Windsor police nab one suspect, seek others after van slams into house

Fabio Costante

Walkerville to institute Neighbourhood Watch

Once a neighbourhood watch is established in Walkerville, they will move to Drouillard rd and then come to the west-end. In the meantime, spread the word with neighbours and friends so that you are prepared and organized prior to the formal establishment of a neighbourhood watch in your area.

Walkerville to institute Neighbourhood Watch

Fabio Costante

Encounter on Totten rd.

"On Saturday night around 10 o'clock pm I was driving down Totten headed towards Dominion and came across 3 men standing in the middle of the road..they spread out across the street so that I could not pass by them. They were wearing dark clothing and hoods with something covering their faces. They lunged for the passenger door handle and tried to open the door. I sped away very quickly and thank God was able to get away from them. I called the police as well once I was a safe distance away but have no idea if they were caught or if the police found anything. I am letting you know so that you are able to let others know as well."

Source: West-End Resident

Car Break-Ins on California

Hey Fabio,  I hope law school is going ok. Just wanted to let you know that my neighbour in the 900 block of California and 7 other car owners with cars parked in the alleyway behind Faces and further down behind California had their cars broken into Saturday night/Sunday morning. My neighbours are old,. and they don't need that! the police had told them about 8 cars were hit and that lights in the back only serve to light the way for thieves, since no one is back in the alley or any cameras are there. My neighbour's car has an alarm, that did not go off which tells me these thieves know what they're doing.
Source:  West-End Resident

Lights to be Installed in Merritt Park

I received a call Monday morning and it was confirmed by councillor Jones at city council Monday night that lights will be installed in Merritt Park within the next few weeks.  We did it!  Congrats to everyone involved and to the residents who live in Bridgeview. 


Fabio Costante

We Are In This Together

Dear West-End Residents:Over the past week we have seen what a group of residents can do when they work together. On Thursday, October 13 we held a community town hall meeting where over 50 residents from the Bridgeview area attended and were given a presentation along with having questions answered from both Windsor Police and City of Windsor Administration. Issues such as park lights, crime, traffic and parking, bylaw enforcement and nuisance control were all discussed. In addition to asking questions and engaging in meaningful conversation, residents had the opportunity to write down any concerns and submit them directly to the appropriate authority who were present. The media really jumped on this. The Windsor Star, AM800, CBC Radio and CBC Television all covered this story, along with other media sources. They particularly credited our grass-roots organization and how we were able to take our issues into our own hands. Last night my vehicle was broken into for t…

Windsor group launches appeal in boarded up Ambassador Bridge homes case

Windsor police seek suspects in connection with Partington Avenue arson

Good Samaritans save woman from attack

Bridgeview Crime Update

I live on Merritt Drive and on October 7th, 2011 during the night my SUV was broken into and my Garmin GPS was stolen. As a resident and a Tax payer, I would appreciate having a light installed in the park and for Windsor Police to patrol in the Bridgeview area. Windsor Police showing their presence in the Bridgeview area would help. Thank you

Source: West-End Resident 

Crime, Parking/Traffic and Park Lights

To the Residents who live in the Bridgeview area and all who may be concerned,

Please join me next Thursday, October 13 at 7pm where I will be moderating a town hall meeting alongside Councillor Ron Jones regarding crime, parking/traffic and park lights.  There have been some concerns related to these issues from Bridgeview residents and as such, City of Windsor Parks/Traffic, Public Works admin staff and Windsor Police will be in attendance to give presentations and to hear any concerns or ideas you may have.

The meeting will take place at the University of Windsor Human Kinetics Building, 2555 College Ave. - Room 145 (enter from east parking lot) on Thursday October 13, 2011 at 7pm. 

If you have any questions you can call me at 519-567-8719 or councilor Jones at 519-252-1005.


Fabio Costante

Woman in critical condition after west end house fire

Homeowner mulls selling to bridge

Stolen Lawnmower - Bridgeview Area

"Hi Fabio, I just wanted you to know that my lawnmower was stolen out of my back yard shed sometime between last Thursday and the week before. It is a black top Tecumseh brand older model and it was just recently fixed, we may have used it once before we noticed it missing last Thursday when I went to cut the grass. It is gas powered and they left the gas container in the shed and just took the mower. I live on Josephine/Grove Ave."

Source:  West-End Resident

Roxy the dog reunited with Windsor family: 'The kids are ecstatic'

Win vs. bridge hollow

Puppy Thief Targets Windsor Family

Puppy Thief Targets Windsor Family: Justin Derochie talks to The Windsor Star

Puppy stolen in break-in, family says

B&E 1000 Block of Califronia Ave.

Home invasion on California Ave yesterday...stolen property and family pet

Our dog Roxy was taken on Sept 14 at the 100 block of California Ave In Windsor's West Side.. We just want our dog back!! Please HELP... My kids are devasted our home had the door kicked in and they took a lot but only thing my kids want back is their dog Roxy...  Source: West-End Resident

Windsor wins court fight against bridge and residents over boarded-up homes

The Windsor/Essex County Hum

The following was sent to me last night by a nearby neighbour:

"Hearing rumbling Campbell & Tecumseh @ 10:11 pm Fri  Sept. 8"

I posted this on the facebook group and they are plotting all the areas where noises are being heard or felt.  If you experience anything similar, feel free to send me an email or if you have facebook, join this group: 


Friends for Atkinson Fundraiser and Askin Ave. Annual Block Party

Over the long weekend I attended both the Friends for Atkinson fundraiser and the Askin Ave. annual block party. 

Friends for Atkinson is a non-profit group of community activists who raise money and help maintain the Atkinson Park located on Riverside and Bridge.  This past Saturday, they held a fundraiser where all the proceeds went towards swimming lessons for kids in the west-end. 

Every year, neighbours on Askin Ave. host a block party that brings together the community -- not only those who live on Askin but also the surrounding neighbourhoods -- where food is shared and guests such as the President of the University of Windsor is in attendance. 

Both events were well attended and convincingly demonstrated the pride many west-ender's take in their community.  And both Friends for Atkinson and the committed neighbours on Askin are great inspirational examples of how a group of people can change the place where they live

After all, these are our streets, our neighbourhoods, …
Several cars damaged with key scrapes on the 1200 block of Askin.

Source: West-End Resident

Windsor Hum Plotted on Map

See the plotted areas -- many are concentrated in the west-end. You can join the facebook group if you have heard the humming noise by clicking on the link below.

Windsor Hum Plotted on Map

College Ave. Bridge Update -- Critics slam Grits' funding spree

City considering west-end bylaw exemptions

BBQ Fundraiser for Friends for Atkinson Swimming Lessons

On Saturday, September 3, from 12pm - 6pm, Councilor Ron Jones and the Friends for Atkinson group are hosting a bbq fundraiser.  The bbq will be held at Atkinson Park (Riverside Dr. W. at Bridge Ave.) where ribs and two sides will be served for $20.  All proceeds will support the Friends for Atkinson swimming lessons.

There will be free swimming for kids from 1:30pm - 5pm.  In addition, I will have information available for families and residents interested in setting up a neighbourhood watch and organizing their block where they live. 

For tickets or more information, please call 519-252-1005 or 519-973-7391.


College Ave Bridge

City council has approved the awarding of contracts or the beginning of negotiations on a number of Windsor projects.

Facca Inc. will be hired to build a temporary replacement for the College Avenue bridge over the railroad tracks between Wellington and McKay avenues.

The contract will pay Facca Inc. $1.22 million.

Read more:

West End Police Chase Lands Three in Custody | windsoriteDOTca - windsor ontario arts, music, hyperlocal news blog

Charged Robber out on Bail

You may recall a break-in that occurred approximately 1 month ago (see link: on McEwan Ave. where a 66 yr old threatened homeowners with a knife.  He was charged with two counts of robbery, two counts of forcible confinement, uttering threats to cause death and assault with a weapon.

I was told today that he is out on bail from a resident who lives on McEwan Ave.

Source: West-End Resident

Suspect sought after high-speed chase near Windsor

Teen stabbed in west end brawl

Builder eyed for College bridge

Forster bandmates reunite to celebrate life-changing experience

Missing Gnome

Good Morning, I thought I saw something on here about garden statutes go missing, cannot find it. Approx. 2 nights ago, person(s) unknown - moved For Sale signs from vacant houses and put on lawns/homes that were not for sale in the 900 block of Partington. This was moved back but then I noticed this Gnome on the front porch of a vacant house. I have brought it home with me hoping to get it back to the rightful owner. If you know whose this might be, please have them contact me at or give me their info and i can drop it off. Thanks. T. Hood

Source:  West-End Resident

UofW Parking Update

To all students concerned with parking at the University of Windsor:

More information has been received on parking at the UofW.   The facts with students who are concerned are as follows:
-- Although passes are oversold in relation to spots available, parking services guarantees 100% that all students will receive a parking spot.  This may mean parking on lots that require a longer distance walk to campus.
-- If the parking spots were sold on a 1:1 ratio, there would be far too many spots available at all hours of the day and far too many students without a parking pass. 
-- A parking pass should be viewed as a right to park but not at a particular spot.  It is a right to park, and there is a guarantee that parking is available, but it may be at a location that requires 5-10 minutes of walking distance.

In comparison to other campuses across Ontario -- especially in the GTA -- the radius from which there are parking spots available is not that overwhelming.

Should you have any further…

Beaten grandma hurt, scared

Grafitti -- 1500 Block of College

House sprayed with gold paint between Weds July 20-21 on the 1500 block of College Ave.
There has been a police report made, so anyone with any info - please let us know. Source:  West-end Resident on College Ave.

Sandwich Towne -- Woman, 63, suffers fractured ribs, shoulder and skull in carjacking

UofW and Forster Partnership Creates Economic Opportunities for Youth

Due to a recent partnership between the University of Windsor School of Business and Forster high school, 5 students from Forster received government grants to run their own business over the summer.  This is very positive news considering that prior to this initiative, the same students had no conception of starting a business or anything of that nature.

Partnerships with the University must continue not only with schools in the west-end, but with various institutions and businesses.  The University is a gem in our community and it is in our backyard.  We must do a better job of creating partnerships to better utilize the resources and readily available skills that the University has to offer. 


Helping hands clean up Windsor park

Helping hands clean up Windsor park: "Marilyn Woodison, chair of Friends for Atkinson, discusses the volunteer efforts in cleaning up the park in Windsor, Ont., Saturday, July 16, 2011."

Thanks to the Friends for Atkinson group and the incredible work they do.  

In addition to our neighbourhood watch initiative, stay tuned for more positive stories happening in our west-end community. 


Police investigate knifepoint robberies on Mill St.

Senior charged with robbery

Justice has been served.

Senior charged with robbery

Windsor seniors robbed, tied up by senior

I will continue posting as this story develops. I talked to neighbours in the area this past Sunday and encouraged them to start a neighbourhood watch on their block on McEwan and Taylor street. There have been several incidents in that area over the past month. Fabio.

Windsor seniors robbed, tied up by senior

Police seek 66-year-old for home invasion, robbery


Home invasion on 1200 block of McEwan Ave at 1:30am on July 9.  The culprit used a chair to break in through the window and allegedly had a knife.  Victims were an elderly couple.  The elderly woman was cut, albeit not severely, and did not require stitches or medical attention.

Source:  West-End Resident on McEwan Ave.

Radio Interview

I just completed a radio interview with CJAM 99.1FM where we discussed the neighbourhood watch initiative along with general community organizing in West Windsor.  The idea behind "Our West End" is to promote and empower the west-end community to come up with local community solutions.

Only when we come together and work together will we truly be able to inspire the change we seek. 

I want to thank all of the volunteers and participants who helped kick-start this initiative and I greatly look forward to working with all parties in making our streets, our neighbourhoods, and our west-end the best place to live. 

Enjoy your weekend!

Park on Merritt Dr. Update (2)

Councillor Ron Jones spent some time yesterday checking out the park on Merritt Dr. and consulted with residents in the bridgeview area.  Some residents were open to having lights in the park and others were not.  Therefore, to resolve this issue, Councillor Jones has decided to run a survey with the affected residents and make a decision based on the majority of votes.

On behalf of the residents on Vercheres, Merritt and Askin, I would like to thank Councillor Jones for his speedy response and for providing democratic leadership on this issue. 

An update will follow regarding the outcome of the survey. 

All for now,

Update - Park on Merritt Dr.

Neighbours living on Vercheres have reported several incidents of drug use and other suspicious and illegal activity happening at Merritt Park.  The park abuts Askin Ave, Vercheres Ave and Merritt Dr. 

A complaint has been sent to councilor Ron Jones and calls have been made to 311. 

The residents in the neighbourhood are asking for 3 lights to be placed on poles that are already in place at the park. 

If you live in this area and would like to share any insight, please get in touch with councilor Ron Jones, call 311 and please email me at

Thank you,

University of Windsor Parking

To all students at the University of Windsor:

After speaking with Parking Services at the University of Windsor, it was brought to my attention that although more permits are sold than there are parking spots, there are always spots available, particularly in lots G and H.  These lots are located on College st. directly across from the Human Kinetics building.  Should you have any further questions or concerns, please contact Parking Services at519-253-3000 Ext. 2413.

The link below features a map outlining the available parking, including the aforementioned lots G and H.$FILE/ParkingMap2009.pdf


B&E on the 1100 block of Askin on June 25 at 11:46am.  Source:  Crime Reports


Email sent to me from a west-end resident re: the 1000 block of Rankin Ave. 
"Twice now I’ve seen a car slow down or stop in front of our house and a white male 20’s with passenger has been peering into the driveway, purveying. The second time was earlier today, the white male in a light blue and white baseball cap was driving a dark red cavalier-type car with dealer plates (yellow/black lettering). This was my tip off. Usually when doing a test drive, you don’t make your way around sidestreets and slow down in front of houses. This guy was checking out the house and the neighbours. Since I’ve been robbed before in other cities, I am familiar with the casing of my residence weeks before I was hit. Please keep your eyes open for a dark red car, looks like a cavalier , not sure… with dealer plates. 
I figure this is the ideal car b/c of the dealer plates that makes it harder to trace. Just maybe make others aware of this car w/ dealer plates and hopefully their awareness may lead to…


A city man is charged after Windsor Police seized more than 90-thousand dollars worth of marijuana.   Officers were tipped off that a man would be taking drugs to a home in the 11-hundred block of Wellington Road.   Officers arrested a suspect and seized drugs.  

Source:  AM 800 -- Sent by west-end resident

Please contact Windsor Police if you know of any other recent crime.

Council takes plunge, approves aquatic centre

Included in the motion that affects West Windsor residents:

- The main pool (but not the therapy pool) of the Adie Knox Herman recreation complex will be closed.
- A lease agreement will put the Windsor Essex Community Health Centre in the College Avenue Community Centre building.

After being present at the 7.5 hour council meeting last night, I witnessed over 40 delegates express their viewpoints and ideas. There were many from West Windsor who spoke clearly against the closures of Adie Knox and the College Avenue Community Centre. Given that council voted on the motion put forward (see link below), it is essential that residents partake in the process and discussions that will follow. We have an opportunity to really define what we want to see in our community centres, not just in the west-end, but across the city.

All for now,

Council takes plunge, approves aquatic centre

Crime Updates

B&E on the 300 block of Sunset on June 10 at 7:28am.  Source: Crime Reports

B&E on the 400 block of California on June 3 at 11:16am.  Source: Crime Reports

Theft on the 2300 block of Wyandotte on June 8 at 9:04pm.  Source: Crime Reports

B&E on the 2100 block of University West on June 12 at 1:39pm.  Source: Crime Reports

B&E on the 2000 block of University West on June 10 at 2:49pm.  Source: Crime Reports

Theft and Assault on the 800 block of Campbell on June 10 at 5:56pm.  Source: Crime Reports

Theft from vehicle on the 200 block of Josephine on June 9 at 10:16am.  Source: Crime Reports

Theft from vehicle on the 200 block of McEwan on June 9 at 10: 07am.  Source: Crime Reports

2 arrested in Windsor drug raid; Cops seize $290K worth of weed

Drug raid at 1:15pm at 989 Campbell Ave.

2 arrested in Windsor drug raid; Cops seize $290K worth of weed

Deal in works for boarded-up homes in West Windsor

Forster achievements belie Fraser Institute’s scoring

'People do not want pools closed on the west side'

'People do not want pools closed on the west side': "Windsor Coun. Ron Jones talks about the more than"

$200K grant for Sandwich Teen Action Group in Windsor

Detroit-Windsor bridge battle: Separating out the truth | Detroit Free Press |

Time for some federal leadership on poverty

Save our Adie Knox, west-siders plead

Porter lands in Windsor

Home Invasion Suspect Nabbed

Benson public school's days numbered

Old Sandwich Town 2009


Video: Curry Ave. garage erupts in flames

Windsor West Campaign Kicks Off

Windsor police charge two after west-side drug raid

'Frantic' Windsor victim chases home invaders

Windsor police bust marijuana grow-op

Co-operation best crime fighter: AG (The Windsor Star, 26 Jan 2011, Page A2)

If cooperation is key on an international scale, according to AG, then we can conclude that it is also important on a micro scale. Hence the reason for starting a neighbourhood watch in your community.

Co-operation best crime fighter: AG
DALSON CHEN The Windsor Star or 519-255-5550
The Windsor Star
26 Jan 2011

Co-operation among police agencies over the Canada and U.S. border is the way of the future, says the attorney general of Canada. “Criminals don’t respect the borders,” Rob Nicholson, federal minister of justice, said Tuesday in Windsor. “They don’ more...Tech Tags:

Rally to Save Old Sandwich Towne Post Office | windsoritedotca - windsor ontario arts, music, hyperlocal news blog

Committee calls for Benson school's closure