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Neighbourhood Town Hall Successful


Yesterday we held our 4th town hall focusing on crime prevention and reduction. The targeted neighbourhoods were those around St. James grade school, Mic Mac Park and Windsor Regional Hospital. The meeting was held at the John McGivney Children's Centre.

We had approximately 15-20 residents in attendance. Lee Tome from Windsor Fire and Rescue presented on crime prevention strategies. 9-1-1 Dispatch also presented along with the Safety Village who discussed neighbourhood watch. All questions form residents were answered and many were educated on different techniques to prevent and reduce crime in their neighbourhood.

We hope to establish a neighbourhood watch following this town hall in the above mentioned neighbourhoods.

I want to personally thank Lorraine Oloya from our team and Chantalle Faubert from the Safety Village who delivered flyers and helped organize the event.

It is our intent to continue our work in organizing neighbourhood watch groups with a focus on neighb…

Attempted Theft and Robbery on Felix Ave. and Connaught Ave.


Please see the email below that I received from a west-end resident. Two incidents occurred recently on Felix Ave. and Connaught Ave. Please be on the lookout and contact Windsor Police if you see anything suspicious.

"I...just learned of your website and want to report a break in...Recently, someone broke into my mom's shed by prying the lock and popping the screws.  My dogs barked, so I let them out on the screened in porch and I think that scared them away since nothing was taken.  It appeared that they were in the process of taking the wheel barrow since it had been moved.  I reported this to the police.  A neighbour across the street reported to me that his wheel barrow was taken from behind his shed on the same night."


Two Car Break-Ins on the 1000 block of Partington


The Bridgeview neighbourhood watch team had informed me that there were two car break-ins on the 1000 block of Partington recently. Please be on the lookout and spread the word. Windsor Police were notified.


New Sandwich Town Farmers Market and Flea Market


Please see an email I received below regarding a new Sandwich Town Farmers Market and Flea Market. This sounds promising and very positive for the area.  

"Grand Opening next Fri. ,Sat, Sun 9am till 3pm. Sandwich & Mill SW corner behind the new Barrel House Bar,Wally's Baits & Billies Place. Bill Voakes has been trying for twenty years to get all permits and approvals. If anyone has Flea Market wares to sell or knows a farmer or great gardner with extra produce call Bill at 519-990-1055 for a booth. Thanks Fabio Bill could use all the help getting this going he can get. He will be there for at least ten years."
Source: West-end Resident

Neighbourhood Watch Town Hall


On Tuesday July 30th, we are assisting the Safety Village in hosting a neighbourhood watch town hall at the John McGivney Children's Centre located at 3945 Matchette Rd. The town hall will begin at 6:30pm.

In attendance will be Windsor Fire and Rescue Services, Windsor Police, 911 Dispatch, the Safety Village and others to give brief presentations and answer any questions related to crime prevention and reduction. Those interested in forming a neighbourhood watch on their block are welcome to sign up with the Safety Village and get all the info you need there.

The neighbourhoods where we delivered flyers include those around Windsor Regional Hospital, St. James grade school and Mic Mac Park. However, this town hall is open to all west-end residents interested in neighbourhood watch.


New Canadians' Centre of Excellence Expands Into Bridgeview Library


Great news. Bridgeview Library has just added a newcomer outreach service. Please see the email I received below.

"Hi, Fabio, Summer's greetings!  Hope everything goes very well. I would like to share the news with you and your patrons, New Canadians' Centre of Excellence Inc has expanded LSP(library settlement program) service to Bridgeview Library, I will be at Bridgeview Library every Tuesday from 10am-6pm, any newcomers in this area please come to visit Bridgeview Library or contact me on 519-990-7661. Have a wonderful summer and keep posted! Thank you."

Stolen Bike in Sandwich Town


See the email I received below from a west-end resident concerning a stolen bike and other things. Please spread the word and keep an eye out when you can. Thanks.

"Hi Fabio, Thank you for all the emails that you send out. I am wondering how to best go about this. I live in the west end on Piche St. and my bike and kids bike trailer were stolen from my front porch Monday night/Tuesday morning. This is already the 4th bike that gets stolen from me in this neighbourhood. I am wondering if anyone has seen it in the neighbourhood as I don't think it would have gone too far. The bike is a ladies red SuperCycle bike and the kids trailer is red and yellow with no writing on it. The kids trailer had a lot of things in it too like a kids helmet and a backpack full of kids cloths and things. Perhaps you can direct me to your neighbourhood watch? I have a police report for it. Could you maybe do an email blast with a detailed description to see if anyone has seen it? Thanks so mu…

Volunteer Help Needed


We are in need of volunteers to help deliver flyers in the neighbourhoods around St. James grade school and Windsor Regional Hospital. We are hosting a town hall on July 30th focusing on neighbourhood watch. Windsor Police, Windsor Fire and Rescue, The Safety Village and Barry Horrobin from Windsor Police, among others, will give presentations and/or answer questions or concerns from residents.

We hope to assist in establishing a few neighbourhood watches in that area and continue our work in developing an environment where residents are sharing relevant information regarding crime with each other and with Windsor Police.

If you can help, please email me at We will be out this Saturday and Sunday delivering flyers. Thanks!


Fahrhall Giving Back to the Local Community


Recently a friend of mine sent me a link of a local company (Fahrhall) giving back to the community. They helped a fellow west-ender in need. If you have facebook, check out the link below. This is a great example of good corporate citizenship.

Fahrhall Giving Back to the Local Community



Our West End - Please Read!


Our website is up! Check it out at Let us know what you think and please do not hesitate to provide us with any feedback.

If you can spare a few minutes, I ask you to please read my post below and get in touch with me should you have any questions, concerns or comments. I really want to hear from you.

Recently we came across a very misguided perception of what we do. Therefore, I want to make it absolutely clear what it is we do. We are funded by the United Way and have several community partners. As part of our agreement, we are responsible for rolling out several positive initiatives in the west-end. Some of these include the following:

1) Developing a comprehensive strategy for the west-end focusing on community engagement and empowerment. We will look at ways to get residents engaged in their neighbourhoods and what tools they need, etc. Most importantly, we will reach out extensively to the community because this strategy will be one for the community…

West End Ward Funds to go to Paterson Park


There will be major upgrades at Paterson Park along with handicap curb cuts on eight residential streets in the west end.

See the link below for more: 

West End Ward Funds to go to Paterson Park


Ambassador Baptist Church Flyer Drop

Below is an email I received: 
Hello Friends;
On Tuesday July 9th at 2:30 Ambassador Baptist Church will be doing a large flyer distribution for their upcoming VBS to reach the west end children.  If you have some time that you would like to donate PLEASE come out and support a great cause. 
If you have others that may be interested please pass this email on!  Let’s rally around these precious people bringing support and unity.  Let’s all show up and surprise them and show just how we do care about the west end.  Love is action!!!
Thanks for your time & hope to see you out! & students you can use this towards your community hours!!!
If you are interested in helping, please email Scott at

Friends for Atkinson Park and Pool Dinner Fundraiser

Friends for Atkinson Park and Pool needs our support!!!

Pasta Dinner Fundraiser for Pool program participants

Sunday July 21st
noon -3pm
University of Windsor

CAW Student Centre, Huron Church at University Ave
(large glass walled building at end of parking lots near Assumption Church)

$10/ Adult, 
$5/ child -5yrs and under 
Free -children 3yrs or under

Tickets available until July 18th, by calling asap:

Eleanore 226-647-0117
Marilyn 519-254-8624 or
Jane 519-973-7391

If your child would like to participate in the Atkinson Pool swim lessons please contact City of Windsor Parks and Recreation Dept for registration info or Friends for Atkinson Park(Marilyn -number listed above) for fee assistance information.