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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Closing of Another West End School –

Good article written by City Council Ward 3 candidate Tristan Fehrenbach on school closings. To preserve existing schools, Tristan states: "It will also require an alliance of Windsor city councillors, school board trustees and administrators who are concerned about the problem, along with some creativity and passion." I agree with that statement on the belief that preserving and/or closing schools should not solely be a question of declining enrollment within the school board but should also be a city-wide planning issue whereby all parties come together to formulate a comprehensive, strategic plan that looks out for the best interests of students and the community.

The Closing of Another West End School –

Windsor police ID suspects in west-end brouhaha

Windsor police ID suspects in west-end brouhaha

Friday, June 11, 2010

Neighbourhood Watch

I have spent the past week organizing a Neighbourhood Watch on my block (California St., between College and Girardot) and this morning it is official, we were granted the status of a Neighbourhood Watch.  For residents who are interested in starting a Neighbourhood Watch on their block, here are the basic steps in doing so:

1)  One person at minimum from the block has to commit to being a Block Captain.  This simply entails organizing 4 meetings per year with the neighbours and when necessary, communicating with city officials and police regarding any issues or quarterly meetings.  Also, the Block Captain is responsible for getting a Police Clearance at Windsor Police Headquarters which is FREE of cost and will take about a week from the time you apply for the Clearance.  Thereafter, you will have to give the Police Clearance to Didi Johnston at City Hall and she will give you a package with materials and related info regarding a Neighbourhood Watch.

2)  There needs to be at least 50% approval from the neighbours on your block for the initiation of a Neighbourhood Watch.  This means going door-to-door and having neighbours sign their names and contact info.  From my experience, every single person who was home was interested in the idea and signed their names in support of a Neighbourhood Watch.

3)  Once you have completed steps 1 and 2, you then are responsible for setting up a meeting with your neighbours whereby you can all meet each other and learn about the Neighbourhood Watch program.  After a year of being active, you will be given street signs by the City.

It is by taking ownership and realizing that positive change begins with you, because together, we can build a greater west-end, one block at a time.

Fabio Costante