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Sunday, April 19, 2015

$10 Million Proposal for Assumption Church Falls Through


You may have already read that the $10 million proposal for Assumption Church has fell through. This is very disappointing news. 

Here are some news sources that further explain the unfortunate situation: 

Fate of Assumption Uncertain

Donation Falls Through for Assumption Church

Whether you are a Catholic or not, we can all agree that Assumption Church is an historical landmark in the west-end. Anne Jarvis from the Windsor Star said it best in her column back in November, 2014: 

"This transcends religion. You don’t have to be Catholic. You don’t even have to be Christian. And it’s about more than saving a building. This is about preserving one of the foundations of this community...The history of Assumption can be traced all the way back to the founding of Detroit in 1701, when Cadillac invited aboriginal people to live near the fort. They responded, asking for a mission – what became The Mission of Our Lady of the Assumption.

The parish began in 1728 as a mission for the Hurons. The land for the current church was donated by the Hurons; Huron Church Road was named for it. It also came to minister to the French-Canadians who settled the area. It became the centre of life in Sandwich, the first permanent European settlement west of Montreal. It witnessed the fur trade, the Loyalists, the War of 1812, in short, the history of Canada.

Assumption is the parish’s fourth church, finished in 1845. It’s absolutely majestic, Gothic Revival with buttresses, turrets, a graceful spire, beautiful stained glass windows and bronze doors. The vaulted ceiling is adorned with carved angels, the floor with crosses and fleur-de-lis. The pulpit dates to 1793, a painting of the stations of the cross from 1883. The stone altar was imported from France; the communion rail is Italian marble.

It is breathtakingly lovely, and it is the history of Windsor.

There is no other building more important."

If you have facebook, please join this page: Operation Basilica - this is a committed group working hard to save Assumption Church. They can be contacted at operationbasilica@gmail.com. I encourage you to join their cause if you too feel that we need to preserve this Church. 

Lastly, I further encourage you to email Bishop Fabbro and tell him how important the Church is to the west-end and to our region. His email is bishop@dol.ca 

We cannot sit idle and let this significant piece of history be lost in our community. We have no choice but to work together and fight to save this historical gem. 


Thursday, April 16, 2015

Community Clean Up Event @Lyndzf


I received the following email from Cst. Flemming of Windsor Police:

April 8th, 2015

Media Advisory

Community Clean Up Event

WHEN:            Saturday, April 25th, 2015

WHERE:          Starts at Windsor Port Authority Parking Lot
3190 Sandwich St, Windsor, ON
N9C 1A6

WHAT:            Crime Stoppers Windsor-Essex will be hosting the third event under the Youth Empowerment and Safety Initiative (YES!), “Take back our Neighbourhood”, on Saturday, April 25tth, 2015 from 10:00am-2:00pm. High school students who want to make a difference in the City of Windsor are invited to attend the clean-up at the starting location of Windsor Port Authority’s parking lot located at 3190 Sandwich Street.

Students please wear bright and proper clothing and a reminder that you may get dirty!!! Gloves and lunch will be provided. Youth from across the city are invited to attend and participate in this great event that gives back to the community.

This event is made possible by community partners The Safety Village and Windsor Port Authority, along with the support of Windsor Police Services, The City of Windsor, Essex Region Conservation Authority, Detroit River Canadian Clean Up, Sandwich Teen Action Center and New Beginnings.

For more information please contact Constable Lindsay Flemming and Ron Funkenhauser, contact information is below.

CONTACT:     Constable Lindsay Flemming                                   Ron Funkenhauser
Windsor Police Service                                            Crime Stoppers
519-945-9671                                                          519-796-3786

lflemming@police.windsor.on.ca                             ronf@catchcrooks.com

Some Events


See some events below sent to me from the Our West End community coordinator, Tammy Murray:

1) Attn: West Windsor Residents:
The Humane Society of Windsor Essex County is almost full for the Free Spay and Neutering of neighbourhood cats.

They do still have openings for the last week of April but are limited to 30 remaining spots. (As of Thursday April 9th, 4:30pm)

2)  Bloomfield House Spoken Word Workshop 
Date: May 1 to May 8 (For Registration)
Location: 3440 Bloomfield Rd Community Centre

Who to contact: teajai travis, 519-567-0089 
Email: thebloomfieldhouse@gmail.com

Join to Spread Autism Awareness at Mic Mac Park

Tag Out Program - Community Mural Project @wpdthinblueline


See an email I received from Tammy Murray, the Our West End community coordinator:

Windsor Police Services
Community Services Branch
Tag Out Program presents a Community Mural Project, a first for the Bridgeview neighbourhood of West Windsor!
The collaboration includes:
Our West End, a neighbourhood renewal strategy,
funded by United Way Windsor Essex County's Creating Thriving Neighbourhoods priority
and an Outreach program of Life After Fifty.

The partnership is hi-lighted by Westview Freedom Academy's Community mural, which will be designed and painted by three classes from the Art Program.  The finished mural will be part of their final graded work for the semester.

Aaron's  at 2275 Tecumseh Rd W at Askin Ave, is our Community Business partner providing the mural wall as a ‘community canvass’ and a free Community BBQ kick off Monday April 20th at 11am, with mural painting starting at noon.   Windsor Police Community Services will be on hand BBQ’ing for the students and community.  Come on out to celebrate our Community partnerships!

Numerous West Windsor and Windsor business sponsors have donated paint, supplies and food for the project to help make it happen.   

Seguin’s Hardware 3231 Girardot St
Gray’s Home Hardware Building Centre 700 Tecumseh Rd W
Canadian Tire 2650 Tecumseh Rd W
Merlo’s Paint 641 Provincial Rd

Please support our sponsors who give back to our community!


Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Crime Prevention Town Hall a Success!


Tuesday's crime prevention town hall was an overwhelming success. Please see the Windsor Star article and some pictures from the event below.


Town Hall Meeting to be Held on Preventing Crime in West End

General News

New Church Located in Old St. Marks on Tecumseh and Campbell


See an email I received below from the Redeemed Christian Church of God Aullam...

"Hello West Windsor friends,

The Redeemed Christian Church of God Aullam is a new church in the Bridgeview neighbourhood.

The Church has moved into the former St. Mark's building (at 1636 Tecumseh Rd W near Campbell Ave) and has already begun its community outreach assisting neighbourhood groups like the Bridgeview Community Outreach Program Inc., a youth org and Cuddles Clothing for Kids.

The church would like to extend an invitation to West Windsor community to attend their first neighbourhood event:
Fish Fry
Friday April 3rd,

The Redeemed Christian Church of God Adullam
1636 Tecumseh Rd W 

(near Campbell Ave -former St Mark's Church)
tickets are $10 each 

office 226-783-5363"