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Friday, November 11, 2011

Noise Complaint: City of Windsor By-Law 6716

Dear Residents: 

Sent to me by email from a west-end resident: 

Hello again Fabio,

Attached is a Word file with a stripped-down version of the written complaint form I left with you at the Green Bean.  Some people may find it more convenient than the hard copy.  Those who are not digitally adept could fill out by hand the hard copy.  The hard copy also has part of the by-law on the back, which the Word file does not.


I, (name )______________________________________________________________________
of  (address of Residence) _____________________________________________________
state that the following information is true to the best of my knowledge and belief (please attach additional pages if required):

Date of Incident

Description Of Noise
(Include as many details as possible)

From where did noise originate?
(Include address)
How do you know it came from there?

Where were you when you heard the noise?
(Include Address)

Were Windows/Doors Open?
At  your location?
At offence location?
  Yes          No
  Yes          No
  Yes          No
Did it interfere with your quality of life?

If so, in what way?

________________________________________________                ___________________________________
Signature of Witness                                                              Date

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