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Saturday, June 18, 2011


Email sent to me from a west-end resident re: the 1000 block of Rankin Ave. 

"Twice now I’ve seen a car slow down or stop in front of our house and a white male 20’s with passenger has been peering into the driveway, purveying. The second time was earlier today, the white male in a light blue and white baseball cap was driving a dark red cavalier-type car with dealer plates (yellow/black lettering). This was my tip off. Usually when doing a test drive, you don’t make your way around sidestreets and slow down in front of houses. This guy was checking out the house and the neighbours.
Since I’ve been robbed before in other cities, I am familiar with the casing of my residence weeks before I was hit. Please keep your eyes open for a dark red car, looks like a cavalier , not sure… with dealer plates. 

I figure this is the ideal car b/c of the dealer plates that makes it harder to trace. Just maybe make others aware of this car w/ dealer plates and hopefully their awareness may lead to deterring criminals."