Ward 2 Public Meeting and Other Updates


Ward 2 Public Meeting

Just a reminder that the Ward 2 Public Meeting is October 10th at 6:30pm at the Church of the Ascension at University and McKay. I will share an update on some progress made over the year, some challenges, and a vision for our future. Looking forward to seeing you there.

If you can't make it, no worries, it should be published on facebook via the City of Windsor page.

Bedford United Church Annual Turkey Dinner

Saturday, October 26, 2019 between 5pm and 7pm. Adults: $14.00, Children 6 to 12: $7.00. Takeout available as well.

Sandwich Community Improvement Plan

On Monday, Council passed an amendment to the Sandwich Community Improvement Plan (CIP) to allow for more incentives for the CIP. It will now go through a consultation phase and will come back to council for final approval. I've been fighting for more incentives since becoming a City Councillor to encourage more investments in residential homes and to encourage a new grocery store in our neighb…

Community Benefits for Sandwich Town

Friends, June 14th was a significant day for Sandwich Town. The Gordie Howe Bridge Community Benefits were announced and Sandwich will benefit with millions of investment in infrastructure, parks and community projects.The announcement was also a testament to the hard work & advocacy of many that ensured Sandwich Town was a priority in this significant investment. Lastly, a big shoutout to the Windsor Detroit Bridge Authority for truly engaging our community in the process.Looking forward to the roll out of these investments over the next several years.For more on the community benefits, visit the link below:

Mill Street Park Bathrooms Reopened

Friends, Great news. The washrooms located in the windmill at Mill St. Park are reopened after being closed for 5 years. We were also able to get some garbage receptacles installed in the park due to increased usage of the waterfront.Fabio

Traffic Complaints

Friends, I've received several calls and emails surrounding traffic enforcement, especially around Huron Church. Please see a detailed response (below) from Inspector Randall of the Windsor Police. There is a streamlined approach to tackle these complaints that I think will be beneficial for our community. Don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or suggestions.Fabio"Good afternoon City Councillors, From time to time, the Windsor Police Service receives Traffic Complaints from citizens, ranging from speeders, Huron Church truck traffic, and stop sign violators to unsafe lane changes. In most cases, citizens request Special Attention to their neighbourhoods for this erratic, aggressive, and sometimes dangerous driving. Many of these traffic complaints are received, via telephone, by members of the Patrol Support Unit (Traffic Enforcement Branch) or the Patrol Response Staff Sergeant, while others are received by way of correspondence with members of the Senior…

Let's Continue the Conversation

Friends, If you have time, stop by the Bake Shoppe at 6pm on July 4th, located on Sandwich St. at the Corner of Sandwich and Detroit. Residents have organized a small neighbourhood gathering to discuss issues and ideas that affect the west end. The Windsor Detroit Bridge Authority will also be present to discuss the newly released Community Benefits. This is the first of several neighbourhood meetings that we intend to have throughout the west end to keep the conversation going. Community engagement is vital as we continue our work in neighbourhood renewal. Hope to see you soon!Fabio

City Updates - May 18, 2019


I have several updates since my last blog post. Let's get to it.

Council Meeting - May 6, 2019

At our Council meeting on May 6th, 3 applications came before Council for rezoning. All three applications dealt with student housing. One on Russell St. by Brock, the second on Wyandotte W. by Rosedale, and the third on the 700 block of Rankin. These types of applications have been made and approved over the decades to accommodate student housing and affordable housing in general. All the while, we've never had a coordinated student housing strategy. For this reason, I asked that administration report back on a student housing strategy that looks at, among many things, concentrating student housing on campus (UofW and St. Clair College) and on arterial roads and streets that do not intrude on residential neighbourhoods. I also called for a review of property standards bylaws to increase enforcement and safety for all tenants. There will be more to come on this and I am excit…

City Updates


Below are some City Updates:

Items 1 and 2 From Les Amis Duff-Baby

1) St. John's Cemetery Clean-up
If you attended the annual meeting, you heard Peter Berry talk about St. John's and the fascinating history connected with the cemetery.  In advance of the Questers International Conference being held in Windsor and the subsequent tours of the west end [we want to show off the west end and ensure that it looks its best!!!], we are inviting you join us on SATURDAY, APRIL 27th AT 11:00 a.m. at the cemetery for a couple of hours of yard clean-up.  We ask that you bring your own gardening gloves, rake and if you can spare it, a yard waste bag or two.  If the weather is inclement , we'll pick another day. WE WILL DEFINITELY SEND OUT AN EMAIL if the event is cancelled, so if you're unsure, watch for it.  
2) Jane's Walk: A Little Bite of Sandwich [History]
First, an explanation for those of you who have never heard of a Jane's Walk: Jane’s Wal…