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University of Windsor Parking

To all students at the University of Windsor: After speaking with Parking Services at the University of Windsor, it was brought to my attention that although more permits are sold than there are parking spots, there are always spots available, particularly in lots G and H.  These lots are located on College st. directly across from the Human Kinetics building.  Should you have any further questions or concerns, please contact Parking Services at 519-253-3000 Ext. 2413. The link below features a map outlining the available parking, including the aforementioned lots G and H .$FILE/ParkingMap2009.pdf


B&E on the 1100 block of Askin on June 25 at 11:46am.  Source:  Crime Reports


Email sent to me from a west-end resident re: the 1000 block of Rankin Ave.  "Twice now I’ve seen a car slow down or stop in front of our house and a white male 20’s with passenger has been peering into the driveway, purveying. The second time was earlier today, the white male in a light blue and white baseball cap was driving a dark red cavalier-type car with dealer plates (yellow/black lettering). This was my tip off. Usually when doing a test drive, you don’t make your way around sidestreets and slow down in front of houses. This guy was checking out the house and the neighbours. Since I’ve been robbed before in other cities, I am familiar with the casing of my residence weeks before I was hit. Please keep your eyes open for a dark red car, looks like a cavalier , not sure… with dealer plates.  I figure this is the ideal car b/c of the dealer plates that makes it harder to trace. Just maybe make others aware of this car w/ dealer plates and hopefully their awareness may lead


A city man is charged after Windsor Police seized more than 90-thousand dollars worth of marijuana.   Officers were tipped off that a man would be taking drugs to a home in the 11-hundred block of Wellington Road.   Officers arrested a suspect and seized drugs.   Source:  AM 800 -- Sent by west-end resident Please contact Windsor Police if you know of any other recent crime.

Council takes plunge, approves aquatic centre

Included in the motion that affects West Windsor residents: - The main pool (but not the therapy pool) of the Adie Knox Herman recreation complex will be closed. - A lease agreement will put the Windsor Essex Community Health Centre in the College Avenue Community Centre building. After being present at the 7.5 hour council meeting last night, I witnessed over 40 delegates express their viewpoints and ideas. There were many from West Windsor who spoke clearly against the closures of Adie Knox and the College Avenue Community Centre. Given that council voted on the motion put forward (see link below), it is essential that residents partake in the process and discussions that will follow. We have an opportunity to really define what we want to see in our community centres, not just in the west-end, but across the city. All for now, Fabio Council takes plunge, approves aquatic centre

Crime Updates

B&E on the 300 block of Sunset on June 10 at 7:28am.  Source: Crime Reports B&E on the 400 block of California on June 3 at 11:16am.  Source: Crime Reports Theft on the 2300 block of Wyandotte on June 8 at 9:04pm.  Source: Crime Reports B&E on the 2100 block of University West on June 12 at 1:39pm.  Source: Crime Reports B&E on the 2000 block of University West on June 10 at 2:49pm.  Source: Crime Reports Theft and Assault on the 800 block of Campbell on June 10 at 5:56pm.  Source: Crime Reports Theft from vehicle on the 200 block of Josephine on June 9 at 10:16am.  Source: Crime Reports Theft from vehicle on the 200 block of McEwan on June 9 at 10: 07am.  Source: Crime Reports

2 arrested in Windsor drug raid; Cops seize $290K worth of weed

Drug raid at 1:15pm at 989 Campbell Ave. 2 arrested in Windsor drug raid; Cops seize $290K worth of weed