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Seeking Volunteers to Help Repurpose Blessed Sacrament

Friends, See my latest Windsor Star post by clicking on the link below. Seeking Volunteers to Help Repurpose Blessed Sacrament Regards, Fabio Costante

Kids Library

Friends,  I received this email below from a resident who lives on the 1100 block of Partington.   "Hi Fabio, I have attached a pic of my free little kids' library which I've installed in front of my house. These little libraries are catching on in Toronto and throughout the U.S. I made it because I strongly believe that raising a reader is the answer to reducing ignorance, racism, and hatred. All the years my boys were growing up i had a sign posted on our fridge that read 'the more you read, the more you know. the more you know, the further you go!'. My boys are avid readers today and I know it is because I made it a priority in our house when they were children. I've written that quote on one side of the library. I believe little kids naturally love books, but if the parents do not provide access to books when they are young, chances are the children won't pick up the habit of reading for pleasure when they're grown.  So far I have

Volunteers sought to rebuild house in West Windsor

The family of a 70-year-old woman whose West Windsor home went up in flames last year is appealing to the public for help to rebuild. Dolores Banks spent three months in a coma from the smoke she inhaled in the Sept. 24, 2011, incident. She was rescued from the burning house at 1199 Chappell Ave. by police officers and kept alive by paramedics. Banks eventually recovered, but her single-storey bungalow-style home sustained more than $100,000 in damage. Now the Banks family is asking for volunteers in an effort to renovate the decades-old house. According to an ad placed on, Dolores and her husband Donald were denied coverage by their insurance company - "leaving their home of 50 years in desperate need of repair." Dolores Banks is the mother of former NHL player and current Las Vegas casino host Darren Banks. Darren Banks said the ad was placed by his sister, and his parents are currently living in an apartment on the east side. "They lost every

Marilyn’s Story: A Lesson on Preserving our Parks

See my latest Windsor Star post about the value of city parks and what residents can do to protect them by clicking on the link below. Sincerely, Fabio Costante Marilyn’s Story: A Lesson on Preserving our Parks

Neighbourhood Updates

Friends, I have two updates to share: 1.  There have been a few car break-ins on the 1000 block of Rankin in the Bridgeview area.  The neighbourhood watch group is advising that if you live in this area to be aware of any suspicious activity you see. Source: Bridgeview Neighbourhood Watch 2. All Canada Post vandalized mailboxes will be changed in Sandwich Towne. Source: West-end Resident in Sandwich Towne Sincerely, Fabio Costante

It's time for a monument to Brock and Tecumseh

Friends, See Gord Henderson's Opinion by clicking on the link below.  This will be a fantastic development for Old Sandwich Towne.  I am 100% supportive of this initiative. Regards, Fabio Costante It's time for a monument to Brock and Tecumseh

Former Bingo Parlour Converting to Dollarama on University Ave

Friends, Firstly, I want to wish you all a happy and relaxing long weekend.  Secondly, please see an email I received from a fellow west-ender below: "Hi Fabio, some good news. Noticed some activity at the old bingo parlour on University Ave.  Read in the Star  that the building will re-open as a Dollarama in the fall. Not sure if this will replace the Dollarama at Huron Church  and Tecumseh but it looks like it will be in the company's new format like the one at Devonshire Mall." Source:  West-end Resident  Sincerely,  Fabio Costante