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Giant Tiger Coming to the West Side!

Friends, I'm so happy and thrilled to announce that we are getting a GIANT TIGER in the west-end!!! I just got off the phone with their manager of communications and confirmed that the location will be at 1475 Huron Church Rd. Many residents have wanted this and have been advocating for this for several years! See below for further confirmation on their website and pics of construction from my site walk earlier today. It is slated to open in October, 2022! We keep growing and diversifying, bringing more core amenities to our neighbourhoods!

Reflections on an Unprecedented Year

Friends,  I have been reflecting over the holidays on the past year and everything we've been able to accomplish as a community. Despite the pandemic, we have been able to do so much to move our neighbourhoods forward in what I deem as an unprecedented year. Here are some of the highlights that I think are important as we move forward:  Roads & Sewers Some roads which have been done recently or are geared to start soon include the following:  Phase 3 of Huron Church between College and Girardot recently completed and an application has already been put forward to complete the 4th and final stretch between Girardot and Dorchester McKay, Curry and Adanac have been recently completed as a continuation of the College, McKay, Curry and Laing project Sandwich Street sewer relining has already begun and the road reconstruction starts this year!  Cameron, Brock, Rankin and Randolph have all been complete at different stretches this past year Rooney and Josephine are already budgeted an