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Principal Move at St. James Elementary

Dear Parents, If you have a child attending St. James Elementary and you have any questions regarding the recent Principal move at St. James, please email me at or call me at 519-567-8719. Personnel decisions regarding principals are conducted and implemented by administration at the Board. This week, the Board of Trustees were notified of several principals being moved across the Board, including one at St. James. I have been speaking with many parents over the past 24 hours and I will certainly bring your questions and concerns to the Board Administration in the next week or so. Let's continue to make education better...together. Fabio

West-End Resident Interested in Learning About His Neighbourhood's History

Friends, Please read the email I received below from a west-end resident interested in learning more about his community. I strongly encourage you to get involved and discover the unique and rich history of our neighbourhood. "Hello Fabio, I am embarking on a new venture. I want to learn as much as possible about the neighbourhood I live in. Specifically the 900 block of Bridge Ave. I want to know who lived where and when. I was hoping some of your readers can help me out. Ive been  on the block for 30 years and it is constantly changing. I just recently learned my house is 100 years this year, this prompted me to wonder about the past. I am going to the land survet office to look up prior owners of my house. Hope someone can help me out. They can reach me at  Thanks, Joe"

West End Crawlers New Year Drop-In

Friends, Rita Higgins from West End Crawlers is hosting a New Years Drop-In at Stathis Grill. Here are the details:

Thank You for Caring and Let's Continue the Good Work...Together.

Friends, I hope you all had a relaxing and safe holiday. Happy New Year! I just want to say thank you for sharing your stories, through countless emails, calls and face-to-face chats. Thank you for engaging in your community and for being compassionate, caring people. Thank you for your time and energy over the past year in volunteering for our many initiatives. There are so many of you who truly care about the well-being of your neighbourhood and west-end community. As a school board trustee, I now have the privilege and honour to serve in a different capacity. It is really humbling. Our schools in the west-end are near and dear to my heart and like I always say, our schools are the heartbeats of our neighbourhoods. Education truly is the foundation for our students and for our community. Let's continue the good work, together, in making our community a better place for all. Keep in touch! Fabio

Our West End Final Community Conversation

Friends,  Hope you can make it out to the final Community Conversation. This will be the last one! Thank you for all of your support and help! 

City Council Seeks Applicants for Agencies, Boards, Commissions and Committees

Friends, I received an email from a west-end resident asking to post about the opportunity to apply and sit on a City of Windsor agency, board, commission or committee. Specifically, she told me about the Town and Gown committee which has a direct impact on the west-end community. I encourage you to apply if this interests you. Here is the info: City Council Seeks Applicants for Agencies, Boards, Commissions and Committees Windsor City Council is now accepting applications from interested citizens to serve on various Agencies, Boards, Committees and Commissions for the 2015-2018 term. A complete list of committees can be found below. STANDING COMMITTEES: Planning, Heritage & Economic Development Standing Committee. 3 citizens to deal with Planning issues only 5 citizens to deal with Heritage issues only Meetings:   The Planning, Heritage and Economic Development Standing Committee meets the second Monday of each month at 4:30PM. Meetings dates and times w