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Car Accident in Bridgeview

Friends, See email below from Bridgeview resident: Hi Fabio, Our Cavalier was  parked, as always, in our driveway off of Pelletier.  Early Saturday, September 16, (2017) a man in a Silver Grey Chrysler 300, jumped the curb coming off of the 1300 block of Partington, hit the rear end of the Cavalier, pushing it through the chain link fence, into the alley.  He sped off, turning right (north) on Rankin, stopping partway down, to get out and inspect the damage to his car.  He was seen doing all this by our neighbours.  Upon noticing he was being watched, jumped in his car and sped off, following the curve at the end of Rankin, where it turns into Girardot.  He may be from the neighbourhood.  If anyone has any info or seen his license plate, please email it to .

Hurricanes Patio

Friends, A message from a someone who frequents Hurricanes in Sandwich Town: Hurricanes now has the best Patio in Sandwich Town Maybe you could mention this. Jerry Gervais

Petition at West Side Foods

Friends, Sandwich Town resident looking for some help: We’re getting a Petition going to get the Government to allow small and at least this small Grocery Store the  “West Side Food” grocery store to be able to sell  Beer & Wine . The big stores have it and our local seniors have to spend $20.00 on a cab to get there. Wonder if you could ask people to stop in to the West Side Food & sign the Petition Jerry Gervais

Car Break-in on McEwan

Friends, See a post from a west-end resident on McEwan: "Hi Fabio, Please share this for residents in the Bridgeview area to be on guard. Some thug stole our Tom Tom GPS from our car parked in a handicapped spot on the 900-1000 block of Josephine Avenue during the evening of  Saturday, September 16 to early morning  September 17, 2017 . Did not report to Police, but would appreciate a stepped up presence in our  neighbourhood by them. Thank you for spreading the word."