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City Updates

Friends, Below are some City Updates: Items 1 and 2 From Les Amis Duff-Baby 1) St. John's Cemetery Clean-up If you attended the annual meeting, you heard Peter Berry talk about St. John's and the fascinating history connected with the cemetery.  In advance of the Questers International Conference being held in Windsor and the subsequent tours of the west end [we want to show off the west end and ensure that it looks its best!!!], we are inviting you join us on SATURDAY, APRIL 27th AT 11:00 a.m. at the cemetery for a couple of hours of yard clean-up.  We ask that you bring your own gardening gloves, rake and if you can spare it, a yard waste bag or two.  If the weather is inclement  , we'll pick another day. WE WILL DEFINITELY SEND OUT AN EMAIL if the event is cancelled, so if you're unsure, watch for it.   2) Jane's Walk: A Little Bite of Sandwich [History] First, an explanation for those of you who have never heard of a Jane's Walk:  http

Bedford United Church 2019 Ham Dinner

Friends, Bedford United Church is hosting its 2019 Ham Dinner on Saturday, April 27 from 5pm to 7pm. Adult cost: $13.00 Children (6 to 12 yrs old) cost: $6.00 Children under 6 eat FREE! Bedford United Church is located at 3340 Sandwich St. You can reach them directly at 519-256-1131. Regards, Fabio

City Council Updates

Friends, It's been a while since my last blog. Here are some updates from City Council: West End Transit Terminal Relocation Unfortunately, council voted in favour of the relocation of the west end transit terminal from College Ave. to Hotel Dieu Grace Hospital on Prince Rd. I advocated strongly in favour of keeping the terminal at College Ave but the majority of council did not see it that way. I will continue find ways to help mitigate congestion and speeding on Prince Rd. and work with administration in those efforts. We also need to hold administration to account to install more lighting at the College Ave location as a bus stop will still be there.  Black History Murals Council approved the relocation of our Black History Murals (formerly at West Side Foods) to Patterson Park. Once erected, the murals will be prominently displayed with lighting at nighttime. I am excited about this wonderful community project in sharing our history and heritage. 2019 Budget After a mar