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First Council Question - Reviving the Sandwich Town CIP

Friends, Yesterday I had my first council meeting where we debated many issues, including reintroducing fluoride into our water system. In case you missed it, council voted in favour of reintroducing fluoride by a vote of 8 to 3. At the conclusion of the meeting, during question period, I took the opportunity to ask my first council question. It was as follows: "That the following Council Question by Councillor Costante BE APPROVED, and that Administration BE DIRECTED to proceed with the necessary actions to respond to the Council Question in the form of a written report, consistent with Council’s instructions, and in accordance with Section 17.1 of the Procedure By-law 98-2011:  CQ 28-2018:  Assigned to City Planner Asks that Planning and Building department provide Council with an update on the status of the Sandwich Town Community Improvement Plan (CIP) and further determine if additional incentives and improvements could be made to the CIP.  Carried." We shoul