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Jarvis: Surmounting silos

Friends, In case you missed it, see Windsor Star Columnist Anne Jarvis' latest article discussing how and why school boards and the city should be working together for the betterment of our community.  She discusses how the city and the school boards oftentimes move in different directions by working in silos and uses the recent Forster decision, and the impact it will have on Sandwich Town, as a case in point. The city and the school boards can do much more by working together to advance their own interests while simultaneously advancing the interests of the broader community.  It's a win-win situation and if such a partnership existed, Forster most likely would not have been on the chopping block. You can read the article here:   Jarvis: Surmounting silos Regards, Fabio Costante

Car Break-Ins

There has been some unfortunate news as of late regarding car break-ins.  One occurred last night on the 1100 block of Josephine and another on Merritt Drive, in addition to two others which occurred this past week on the 1000 block of California Ave.  Neighbours are suspecting that it's youth in the area but there is no hard evidence to absolutely prove this. Please be on the lookout and please also notify police if you suspect anything. Source:  West-End Residents

Ward 2 Meeting and Forster Update

Friends, Just a reminder that the Ward 2 meeting will be tonight at 6:30pm at the Church of Ascension.  Hope to see you all there. As you may already know, the board of trustees voted to close Forster.  Over the past two days I have received messages and calls supporting our position to save it.  Once the dust settles, I will call a meeting and look at the options before us.  There will be more to come on the Forster decision in the near future. Regards, Fabio

Saving Forster - Sandwich Town's Future Depends On It

Friends, The closure of Forster will be a huge setback, not just to Sandwich Town, but to the entire west-end.  See my recent Windsor Star article below and please get in touch with your GECDSB Trustees and MPPs. See my article here:   Saving Forster . Regards, Fabio Costante

Grafitti - 900 Block of California

I recently received this from a neighbour who lives close-by: "Over the weekend our teal green Dodge Caravan was tagged (the hood and driver's front fender) with thick magic marker as well as more "art work" was done on the back of my garage.  I live on the 900 block of California Ave." Source: West-end Resident

Help Keep Forster in the West-End

Friends and West-enders: We need your help.  As you may already know, on November 19th, the Greater Essex County District School Board will decide whether or not to close Forster Secondary School.  If they go ahead with the Director's recommendation -- to amalgamate Forster with Century -- Sandwich Town will never be the same again.  A school is the heartbeat of a community.  Forster is an integral part of the fabric of the west-end.  It would be difficult to picture our west-end without this historic landmark.  Even worse, it would be difficult to grasp the fact that no school may exist west of the bridge. We just held our community town hall where approximately 50 - 60  residents attended (see picture below).  From current students, to parents, to folks who attended Forster back in the day, we had a great cross section of passionate and committed residents who all share on e common hope: to have and to keep a high school in the west-end. If you share that same belief, please

Bridgeview Youth Outreach

Friends,  Residents in the Bridgeview neighbourhood formed a west-end youth outreach initiative and hosted a meeting this past Sunday where Windsor Police and RCMP educated youth about drugs and drime.  Olympian boxing coach Charlie Stewart allowed us to use his gym for the meeting.  Below are some pictures I took.  There were approximately 10 kids from the Bridgeview neighbourhood present and pizza was sponsored for the meeting. Bringing awareness and educating our youth about the implications of crime and drugs is a step forward in making our west-end a safer place for all.  Regards,  Fabio Costante