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Bridgeview Community Outreach Program Christmas Gathering

Friends, The Bridgeview Community Outreach Program held their Christmas gathering this past Sunday at the former St. Mark's Church. Here is an email I received from Rita Higgins along with some pictures from the event. "The Bridgeview Community Outreach Program Inc ., held it's annual Christmas Dinner on December 7, 2014.  It was a great success! There aren’t enough words to describe the wonderful day we had! Everyone had a great time!  Thanks to all those who attended!   Firstly, THANK YOU  Pastor Patrick  of Adullum Church of God for reading us the true meaning of Christmas in The Book of Luke Chapter two and for the use of the hall and kitchen! THANK YOU  Mike Dumont  who got the pilot light in the oven to light!! Without that, the dinner would not have been the success it was! THANK YOU  Linda Hill  for the donation of vegetables and deserts! THANK YOU to  Tammy Murray  who came through with side dishes and desert, serving, and clean up. THANK YOU  George B

Bloomfield House and STAG Events

See the two upcoming events for the Bloomfield House and STAG. I received an email from a west-end resident regarding these events.

Sandwich Medical Laboratory

Friends, I received the following email from an employee at the Sandwich Medical Laboratory. It is a reminder of their hours and services. See below: 3211 SANDWICH MEDICAL LABORATORY   Did you know that a Lab opened at 3211 Sandwich Street? The same building as the IDA pharmacy. They do blood work and heart monitor tests and specimen collection. Parking is FREE The wait time is minimal.  Why are you still going downtown for your blood work? If we do not use the services in our own neighbourhood, than they will close.  We do not want to lose another business. Do we?   The girls that work there are friendly, fast, professional and welcoming.  Most people don't even feel them put the needle into your arm.    The Sandwich Medical Laboratory is on facebook too. Just bring a blood requisition from any doctor.   HOURS:                   Monday: 9am to 5pm Tuesday: 9am to 5pm Wednesday: 9am to 4pm Thursday: 9am to 5pm Friday: 9am to 3pm   No appointment Needed.  Walk in only FREE p

Garage and Car break-Ins

Friends, I received two separate emails from two residents over the past month, one on Bloomfield and the other on King St., stating that there were a few break-ins occurring in the neighbourhood. On Bloomfield, it was a garage that was broken into and on King St., it was cars that were parked on the road. Please contact police and report these crimes when they occur. You could also call Crime Stoppers as they too are an invaluable service to our community. Here is their website for more info: Fabio

BFI Canada and Forster Secondary may be sold to the Ambassador Bridge Company

Friends, Please check out this article below from the Windsor Star discussing the potential sale of BFI Canada and the adjacent Forster high school in Sandwich Town. Forster and BFI may soon fall into Moroun's hands

Sandwich Town Post Office to Become Coffee Shop

Friends, Please see the link below from CBC Windsor. It looks as though the Sandwich Town Post Office will become a coffee shop with possible apartments on the top floor. This could be a great community use! Sandwich Town Post Office to Become Coffee Shop

Third Focus Group for Our West End Neighbourhood Strategy

Attention to all residents who live around St. James and Marlborough grade school: 

Upcoming Events

Friends,  Please see the following upcoming events this weekend.  Fabio Join West End Crawlers from 6pm to 10pm on Nov. 29th!

Former Windsor Jail Tour

Friends,  I toured the former Windsor Jail this past weekend in Old Sandwich Town and it was quite the experience. The Ministry allowed the public to tour the facility and many from our region attended.  Below are some pictures I captured during my tour that I hope give you an idea of the inside structure and how some people lived.  Fabio 

Upcoming Events

Life After Fifty hosting Pizza Palooza.  Come join us for our second focus group this Thursday.  Details on how to register below:

2014 Community Giveaway at the West Side Church of Christ, 2255 Totten - Free Clothing for Adults and Children


Reminder: West End Crawlers 80's Night Fundraiser

West End Crawlers 80's Night

Our West End Community Conversation

Attention West Windsor Residents:   Our West End is hosting a Community Conversation in your area soon!   In 2013, the Our West End team, Lead by our Strategy Coordinator, Leann Sassine, began coordinating information  to engage residents of West Windsor in creating a  strategic direction for West Windsor,  for the residents, by the residents.   With this in mind, we would like to talk with West Windsor residents about their neighbourhoods, through an informal group discussion of West Windsor's strengths and concerns.   Come on out for a snack and a chat!  We can't wait to talk with you!   To register contact:   Tammy Murray  Community Coordinator Our West End 519-567-4331     There will be a group discussion  in your neighbourhood soon: Nov 13th ,           Bridgeview area, Life After Fifty 635 McEwan Ave (formerly Centres for Seniors Windsor)  Nov 20th ,           Sandwich Towne, Society of St. Vincent DePaul (formerly Blessed Sacrament Church) 3707 Queen St   Nov/Dec 2014, T

Joan Mavrinac Answers Re: Community Engagement and Empowerment

1.  I think that community advocacy is one of the great strengths of West Windsor.   There are a significant number of formal and informal groups who have come together to address issues that are important to them.   As a Council member, I think that making myself available to these groups, familiarizing myself with their objectives and helping them along in any way that I might would be my role. Networking groups with the resources they might need, as well as facilitating access to City administration and City resources. 2.  This is a very important issue to me.   I will resist the sale of any park. The more park space and better use of park facilities has a direct co-relation with the health of communities.   The Windsor-Essex population suffers from unusually high rates of Type 2 Diabetes, Cardiac disease and Obesity.   We need to help our residents young and old to adopt healthy habits and exercise.   Green space in a community can play a significant role in keeping the populatio

John Elliott Answers Re: Community Engagement and Empowerment

1. Yes I share this value because we all have to play our part in our community to make it better in any way we can.   I believe starting with the youth is important because they will be the community leaders of tomorrow.   Engaging them now promotes a strong message and plants the seed with the youth that they must be the torch bearers of a community that needs to be even better than what it is now.   Youth have to be made to feel that they are the community ambassadors to serve and protect their communities.   2.  I canvassed the entire Bridgeview neighborhood and spoke in length with the residents.   They would like to see the parks maintained and utilized for their family purposes. Yes I feel that the   parks in Ward 2 should be preserved however we can also look at the parks on an individual basis and make determinations on what could be done with them by consulting consistently with the residents that reside around those parks especially.   My vision is a