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Our West End Neighbourhood Renewal Update @ourwestend @WestEndCrawlers @murraytamaral

Friends,  See below from Tammy Murray and Leo Gil at Our West End Neighbourhood Renewal. Hello Our West End residents, organizations and community stakeholders, Please feel free to circulate with your contacts! The City of Windsor has asked Our West End to help circulate their community feedback surveys about 2 upcoming installation projects: 1)        The Sandwich Towne Gateway Arch Please click through to provide your feedback about your Sandwich Towne History priorities for the plaques that will be part of the entryway arch and historical branding to be installed on Sandwich St West. r/StoriesofSandwich 2)        Streetcar #351 Restoration Project Please click through to help prioritize how the donated Street Car 351 should be used and comment on possible locations: residents/Culture/Pages/ Street-Car-351.aspx