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City Updates - May 18, 2019

Friends, I have several updates since my last blog post. Let's get to it. Council Meeting - May 6, 2019 At our Council meeting on May 6th, 3 applications came before Council for rezoning. All three applications dealt with student housing. One on Russell St. by Brock, the second on Wyandotte W. by Rosedale, and the third on the 700 block of Rankin. These types of applications have been made and approved over the decades to accommodate student housing and affordable housing in general. All the while, we've never had a coordinated student housing strategy. For this reason, I asked that administration report back on a student housing strategy that looks at, among many things, concentrating student housing on campus (UofW and St. Clair College) and on arterial roads and streets that do not intrude on residential neighbourhoods. I also called for a review of property standards bylaws to increase enforcement and safety for all tenants. There will be more to come on this and I am