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Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Ambassador Bridge v. City of Windsor

Today I came across an ad in the Windsor Star from the Ambassador Bridge, alleging that the City of Windsor--particularly Eddie Francis--is purposely impeding the demolition of boarded-up homes on Indian road.  Their rationale is simple:  we (Ambassador Bridge) are being prohibited from demolishing the homes and "greening" the area because the Mayor and the City are delaying our twin span to benefit their DRIC interests.

As west-end residents, we have been played as pawns in this battle between two large corporations.  I have been getting emails and many have expressed concerns as to the current state of their neighborhoods and its future should the Ambassador Bridge someday twin span.

What's concerning is that there are conflicting facts from both parties and as residents, we have a right to know the real facts.  What are the implications of a twin span on Sandwich Towne?  Does the Ambassador Bridge have a plan for what they will do once they demolish the boarded-up homes?  Is the government, both federal and municipal, acting in bad faith and thus illegally against the Bridge corporation?  Etc.

Once we know the true facts from both sides, we can finally assess the long-term benefits and costs of  demolishing the homes and a potential twin span.  I have been receiving information from local activists and concerned citizens who have a general idea but we still haven't reached any determinative, conclusive facts. We deserve the truth.  As a west-end, we must demand it.