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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Forster Embodies Multiculturalism, Global Perspective

Below is my latest Windsor Star post where I discuss the positive assets of Forster Secondary School.

Forster Embodies Multiculturalism, Global Perspective

Fabio Costante


  1. Hello Fabio
    I read your article with interest, and think you pointed out some very valid points in regards to Forster Secondary. I have two comments:
    I don't believe the school system in Canada does enough for people who do not speak the language. How can somebody learn arts history or math if they can not understand the instruction. Yet people are put in classes according to where they should be age wise, not knowledge wise. It is my firm belief that new students should be taught in special classes focusing on English only before they are tested, and put in classes according to their knowledge. It will do them no good to be sent out into the world with gaps that they could not fill while they were in school. And there needs to be some effort on the students part as well. I wonder if they are really interested and trying hard to learn English, when they still talk their own language amongst themselves.
    My second comment is in regards to how the students see their own school. I do not see any evidence that Forsters students take pride in their school. The grounds around it are littered with garbage that only stops coming during the summer holidays. The abandoned houses near the school are covered with graffiti. Students congretate in the alley next to the school to smoke pot, and teachers are nowhere to be seen. I do not know what the school looks like inside, but on the outside it's a mess.
    I will not shed a tear if the school board decides to close it and move the students to another location. I will feel much safer in a cleaner neighborhood with no pot-smokers around.

    1. Thank you for your comments. Have you reached out to the Principal of Forster regarding your concerns? He is very approachable. If you haven't touched base with him and would like to, please send me an email at fabiocostante@gmail.com and I will send you his contact info.