Kids Library


I received this email below from a resident who lives on the 1100 block of Partington.  

"Hi Fabio,

I have attached a pic of my free little kids' library which I've installed in front of my house. These little libraries are catching on in Toronto and throughout the U.S. I made it because I strongly believe that raising a reader is the answer to reducing ignorance, racism, and hatred. All the years my boys were growing up i had a sign posted on our fridge that read 'the more you read, the more you know. the more you know, the further you go!'. My boys
are avid readers today and I know it is because I made it a priority in our house when they were children. I've
written that quote on one side of the library. I believe little kids naturally love books, but if the parents do not
provide access to books when they are young, chances are the children won't pick up the habit of reading for
pleasure when they're grown. 

So far I have spotted a couple of kids using the library. Maybe the idea will catch on in Windsor. I hope so.
My library is very rudimentary,(there's a photo of my cat Vixen 'reading' a book on the front),  but there are pics of some incredible ones on the net. Hope you like it!"

Source:  West-end Resident


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