Town Hall a Success - Thank You


The town hall was a great success.  We had approximately 25 residents from the designated neighbourhood (Campbell, McEwan, Curry, McKay and Cameron, north of University Dr. W. and south of Riverside Dr. W.) along with Children's Safety Village and Windsor Police.

Many residents signed up and many were excited and energized to revitalize their neighbourhood watch.

As I mentioned to the residents in attendance, the fact that we are coming together as a community to establish neighbourhood watches, among other positive developments, is a clear signal to the region that the west-end is a place where neighbours look out for each other.  We want to attract families back to the west-end and our efforts in establishing neighbourhood watches and looking out for each other is a positive step in that direction.

I want to thank Children's Safety Village and Constable McEachrane from Windsor Police who did a fine job presenting and responding to questions from residents.  I also want to acknowledge Larry Moore, Kathleen Buck (both live on McEwan), Mary Fox (Campbell), John Guiry (McKay) and Tony and Dawn Girimonte (Cameron) who volunteered and helped out, whether it was delivering flyers or getting the church room set up, they all pitched in and helped make it happen.

Below are some media/news links and a picture of the town hall.

Best Regards,
Fabio Costante

CTV News Interview

CBC Windsor News Interview

Windsor Star Article


  1. I learned about this too late to attend. Can anybody tell me how to join or attend the next meeting?


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