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The newsletter below is from the United Way/Centraide Windsor-Essex County: 

Dear Community Partner:

We are very excited to announce that United Way/Centraide Windsor-Essex County is once again engaging the public in helping to choose our investment priorities for the next five years.

To date we have spoken to almost 750 people about their needs and dreams for our community.  Based on that feedback, we have created a survey.  This survey asks the community to rank a series of goal statements.  These rankings, along with our own research will be used to determine where United Way will focus its resources from 2015 to 2020.

Back in 2009, you may have assisted us with promoting the survey to your networks and/or staff.  As a result, a resounding 3,000 people gave us feedback.  We are asking for your help in distributing the link to www.TOGETHERWEDREAM.CA.  The online survey found on this website, will be officially active February 27-March 13, 2014. 

The survey is anonymous and it takes about five minutes to complete.  Respondents will be given the option to provide some demographic information in order for us to insure we reach a broad cross section of Windsor-Essex residents. 

We ask you to do any or all of the following to help us promote the survey:

1. Forward an email to your community networks and partners asking them to promote the online survey.  In order to assist with your communications, we have drafted a sample email (below) that you might consider using. 
2. Set up a computer terminal where your clients, staff, or the public can take the online survey.  Put up a sign asking people to complete the survey.
3. Promote the website/survey link through Facebook and your other Social Media channels.
4. Direct people to call 211 where an operator can conduct the survey over the phone, or provide multi-lingual services to complete the survey.
5. If a paper survey would be more appropriate for your constituents, please contact kbrady@weareunited.com as soon as possible.

If you require any additional information, please contact Karen Brady, Manager, Community Impact at 519-258-0000 ext. 1213 or kbrady@weareunited.com.

Thank you for your assistance. 

Lorraine Goddard
Interim CEO
United Way/Centraide Windsor-Essex County


Please consider distributing this email starting on February 27, 2014. 

Cut and paste the following:

Subject:  United Way wants to hear from you.

Dear friends and colleagues

United Way/Centraide Windsor-Essex County is asking the community to help choose its investment priorities for the next five years.

Between February 27 and March 13, 2014, please visit www.togetherwedream.ca and take the anonymous 5 minute survey.  Let your voice be heard.

We would also appreciate it if you would forward this email to your network of contacts, or promote the survey link through your social media channels.

United Way’s mission is to make Windsor-Essex a better place to live by mobilizing people, resources, and the caring power of our community to create lasting, positive change.

Based on extensive public outreach over the last several months, United Way has developed several possible goals which will benefit the most vulnerable members of our community.  By completing the TOGETHER WE DREAM anonymous online survey, you can give United Way valuable feedback about which of these goals is important to you.

All the money United Way raises in Windsor-Essex County stays in Windsor-Essex County.  Over the last five years, United Way has invested over $20 million dollars in programs and services designed to create lasting social change.  For more information about our efforts to create lasting social change, you can also visit www.weareunited.com.


United Way/Centraide Windsor-Essex County


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