Park at Foot of Mill St. a Positive Space, According to West-End Resident


I received the following email from a west-end resident who wanted to share that the park at the foot of Mill St. is being actively used and is a positive space for the neighbourhood.

Here is more of what he had to say:

"Fabio, a big accomplishment in Sandwich Town is that so many people go down to the park at MIll Street. I took it upon myself for the last six years, with the help of others, to keep the area clean and the grass cut down to the river so that hundreds of people can enjoy the area. If you go down there you can see that the grass has been cut right down to the river. It makes it more attractive for visitors, dog walking, fishing, walking etc. I  also had the no parking signs removed from Mill St. by the park  so people have somewhere to park. This brings a nice, clean family atmosphere. This is just my thoughts."


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