Green Corridor Project Focused on the West-End


I received the following email from a student at the University of Windsor who wants to help make the west-end a better place through the arts. Please take a read below and any input would be more than welcomed.


My name is Lina Chaker and I'm currently in a cross-disciplinary course called Green Corridor, where we are challenged to come up with a solid project proposal for the City of Windsor/ University of Windsor to adopt. Projects are supposed to aid in the redevelopment of a thriving, lively neighbourhood, making the corridor a place to be as opposed to a path that takes you from one place to another. Our projects are generated in conjunction with community-based research and involvement with special interest groups, and we are looking for your advice on what you think this area needs.
Our project's goal is to create a public space for culture. 

We have chosen an abandoned building near the University ave. and Bridge Rd. intersection, and have multiple thoughts about what kinds of things can take place in it. We proposed a museum featuring Windsor’s heritage and emerging talent, along with public space for creative film and music production and performance. Our professor told us to refine the projects activities or unite them in some manner so it is not a multi-functional building, but a place for one type of community development to take place. We need your advice on what the neighbourhood and community over there needs. Should we focus on film and sound production/performance or a museum for prized Windsor items and gallery for emerging visual artists? 

We would love Our West End's input regarding what forms of art and culture are absent from this neighbourhood (all along university ave.) and which aspect of the project we should focus on.

***So far, we've heard that a public space to express yourself without criticism through visual art is the most desired culture-space that would be of most benefit to this area.****

- Please let me know if you agree/disagree, and if you would like to be involved in the realization of this project!

Please feel free to contact me at 519 567 7927 and/or direct me to another community organization that would be able to help as well!

Looking forward to your response!"


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