Updates on School Projects and Great News for the West-End!


I've received many questions from residents regarding the status of construction at St. James and Assumption Middle School. The trustees have received periodic updates throughout the summer and have asked questions regarding the same updates to ensure that the projects are moving forward accordingly.

Assumption College Catholic Middle School

There were some delays throughout the process for several reasons with both the Assumption College Catholic Middle School and St. James. However, construction has begun at Assumption and the contractors are working hard to have the school ready for September. The main focus right now is on constructing the classrooms and providing a segregated space for our grades 7 and 8 students. I did a walk-through of the building a few weeks ago and it is very exciting to see what is coming soon. In addition, a brand new gymnasium will be built once the classrooms are complete and the school will have a segregated courtyard too that will really make it a prime destination for student learning, safety and student experience.

St. James Catholic Grade School 

The construction at St. James should commence soon. I've written to the Superintendent of Corporate Services who is overseeing the St. James project regarding its status and have yet to receive a response. Once I do, I will let you know. A big bonus with the St. James project is that the Board administration is working with the City to establish appropriate bus-bay and student drop-off areas. Any construction required in these areas will be separately phased and may take some time but the Board and the City are listening to residents and their concerns surrounding pick-up and drop-off issues at the school site. The parking lot will also be expanded to accommodate the overcrowding of cars at the site.

Uniform Glitch

As you may know, students attending the Assumption Middle School will be required to wear uniforms. Recently, there was an inadvertent mistake posted on the school website regarding uniform requirements. It was rectified in due course and the principal, John Riberdy, emailed me and provided me with the following below:

"We've made a correction to the school's website and a synervoice will be going out today to all registered parents at the middle school regarding this issue .  Please let me know if you receive any further communication from concerned parents regarding uniforms, or anything else for that matter.  I can call them back directly to clarify any misinformation.  I've set up a temporary office at Assumption High School to receive phone calls and you can direct parents/guardians to  (519) 256 - 7801 (Ext: 2230).  I'll return their calls promptly.

Sorry for any concern this may have caused!"

Feel free to call Mr. Riberdy should you have any further questions or concerns.

Theatre at Assumption Middle School

The Board has undertaken to retain an architect for a new theatre at Assumption College Catholic High School. This is exciting news! Trustees have supported the concept of a new theatre that will be a vital addition not only to the fabric of the arts at Assumption, but to the entire school community and the west-end. This is a big win for our community and a much needed resource. I will endeavor to work along with my colleagues to ensure that Assumption receive a well-deserved space for the performing arts. Although it is in the preliminary stages and drawings haven't been commenced as of today's date, I am hopeful that this project will follow the construction of the middle school and make the Assumption site even more world-class than it is today, which of course is difficult to imagine. Administration should be thanked for their courage in moving forward with this project and I want to thank the trustees who've supported it thus far. More to come on this in the future.

On Track to Success Coming to West Windsor!

Lastly, I attended a press conference held by the United Way announcing that the On Track to Success program is coming to West Windsor! This is excellent news for our students who can get a helping hand in not only achieving good grades and graduating high school, but in also receiving grant money towards their education. There is no clearer way out of difficult life challenges than through education and this program is a clear example of that. Thank you United Way Windsor-Essex!!!

For more information on this great initiative, see the link below.

United Way On Track to Success


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