Thank You


These past 24 hours have been very special.

I first want to thank Councillor Elliott for his service to the City and his lifelong service to our community. He has mentored thousands of youth and has already left a legacy that is second to none.

This campaign would not have been possible without the support (and great help) of my wife who organized all of our major events; from flyer drops to lawn sign blitzes to E-Day. She spent countless hours canvassing door-to-door with me as well. She's a ROCKstar.

To the residents who pushed me to run and who have volunteered hundreds of hours to the campaign: THANK YOU. We had an incredible team who were passionate, energized, committed, generous and very hardworking. It was a true team effort that I know will continue for years to come.

Lastly, to the residents of Ward 2, I am forever grateful for the trust and faith that you've put in me to represent you at City Hall. I promise to work hard every single day and relentlessly focus on the issues that matter to you.

I am humbled but also excited to get to work. Again, thank you.



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