West End Transit Terminal Relocation

Friends, on Monday (March 4th) City Council will decide whether to move the west-end transit terminal to Hotel Dieu Grace Healthcare, or defer the decision to the Transit Master Plan currently in progress. A transit terminal will add over 100 buses to Prince Rd. and surrounding residential neighbourhoods that host 2 grade schools. All of our transit terminals are located in commercial/institutional areas except for this one. Would you want over 100 buses daily in and out of your neighbourhood? Please feel free to contact me or other city councillors as your opinion greatly matters.



  1. Blindly I would say to defer, as that way it would be given the proper attention to planning and include "the big picture" for the best outcome (theoretically speaking).

    Where is the current west-end terminal? Is there one? Sounds like you're saying there is one in the west-end already that would be moved (from wherever) to HDGH. Just trying to clarify.

    Is there a map that we could see the proposed route(s)?

    Prince is already a pretty major thoroughfare (by west-end standards) so it depends on where they're going mostly. If just off Huron Church onto Prince for a very short 200-300 m to get to HDGH, then that might not be a bad thing, as it's a small cost for the additional benefit of transportation options.


  2. My biggest concern is access to the terminal. I live on Peter St, just off Prince Rd. The only bus going by here is the Crosstown 2. Will it make a new route to the terminal?
    I have heard of 2 possible sites. The hospital & the Food Basic's parking lot. I would like to know

  3. There is plenty of land surrounding the current terminal location on College. Install proper bus shelters, install a building for a lunch room and washrooms for the drivers, improve lighting and make that location safe for drivers and passengers. Moving it to the hospital will only cause more traffic congestion on an already busy road and make walking more dangerous for kids

  4. The new bus terminal should located in or close to the shopping center on Huron Church road. Students and people without a car need this!


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