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I've received several calls and emails surrounding traffic enforcement, especially around Huron Church. Please see a detailed response (below) from Inspector Randall of the Windsor Police. There is a streamlined approach to tackle these complaints that I think will be beneficial for our community.

Don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or suggestions.


"Good afternoon City Councillors,

From time to time, the Windsor Police Service receives Traffic Complaints from citizens, ranging from speeders, Huron Church truck traffic, and stop sign violators to unsafe lane changes.

In most cases, citizens request Special Attention to their neighbourhoods for this erratic, aggressive, and sometimes dangerous driving.

Many of these traffic complaints are received, via telephone, by members of the Patrol Support Unit (Traffic Enforcement Branch) or the Patrol Response Staff Sergeant, while others are received by way of correspondence with members of the Senior Leadership Team. In some cases, several complaints are received regarding the same issue.

To streamline the reporting mechanism, in October 2015, the Windsor Police Service commenced receiving Online Traffic Complaints. The goal was to ensure that all complaints are captured within our Records Management System.

I would like to take the opportunity to notify you, and remind some of you, of the Windsor Police Service online reporting system forTraffic Complaints.

Traffic Complaints can be received under “Services” / “Reporting” / “Traffic Complaints” on the Windsor Police Service website (<>), or at the following:

Once the online complaints portal is accessed, citizens have the ability to report a specific traffic complaint regarding a specific driver/vehicle, or a general traffic complaint about traffic issues in their community.

Complaints about a specific driver/vehicle will be dealt with through our Road Watch Program. In these cases, the registered owner of the vehicle will receive a letter from the Patrol Support (Traffic Branch) Staff Sergeant, who is currently Staff Sergeant Ted Novak, regarding the driving habits of the person operating their motor vehicle. 

If the citizen’s complaint is a general traffic complaint regarding such issues as speeding, stop sign violations, distracted driving, etc., a Traffic Enforcement Officer is assigned to liaise with the complainant, and take the necessary enforcement action.

This initiative also enables the citizens of Windsor the opportunity to discuss their complaints with a Traffic Enforcement Officer, in person.

I encourage your constituents to use this Traffic Complaints reporting method.

Please feel free to contact me, or Staff Sergeant Ted Novak at ext. 4117 (, if you have any further traffic related questions.

Thank you very much,



Inspector – Patrol Support


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