Some Updates


Below are some updates that may be of interest to you.

Sandwich Street Development

Below are drawings and a short description of an important proposed development in Sandwich Town. There will be an open house regarding this development on February 13th from 4pm to 7pm at Mackenzie Hall. Hope to see you there.

Sandwich Town Murals

You may have noticed the Black History Murals, previously affixed to the old grocery store, have been relocated to Paterson Park. They look great! We are scheduling a press release and celebration for February 14th, time to be determined but will likely be around noon. More details forthcoming...stay tuned! 

Here is a link featuring the relocation: Sandwich Town Murals

2020 City of Windsor Budget

City Council recently passed the 2020 budget. Some notable achievements for the west end include approximately $8million for sewer reconstruction for Sandwich Street, road repair of Riverside Dr. W. near Huron Church, placeholder funding for Bradley Park, continuation of rodent control program, enhancement of illegal dumping initiatives, investments in transit, and much much more.

Transit Windsor Review 

City Council recently passed a comprehensive Transit Windsor Review that includes a complete rerouting of transit services and significant capital improvements including new fleet, a new garage, shelter infrastructure and more. At budget time, City Council also approved Sunday service for transit, among other things. For regular and prospective transit riders, this is great news and there will be more in the future.

Duff-Baby Mansion

City Council recently approved a lease agreement with the Ontario Heritage Trust (OHT) to get regular access to the main floor of the Duff-Baby House for tours and community access. This is a great win for Sandwich Town as we unlock the history and potential of the House for many years to come.

Adie Knox

City Council recently approved the Recreation Master Plan except for the recommendations that dealt with Adie Knox; particularly, the closing of the pool and ice pad. I am grateful for Council's support in this effort and I am hopeful that we do not revisit this in the future as the City negotiates an arrangement with the UofW for the use of their pool.


Many improvements have been made to the old grocery store that will be a Dollarama in the spring/summer of 2020. The building looks great so far and will be a positive addition to the neighbourhood. We still need to fight hard for a grocery store and other amenities in the neighbourhood, and I will continue working toward that goal everyday.

That's all for now. I will continue to keep you updated as things come up, and always feel free to contact me anytime if you have questions or concerns.



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