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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Graffiti - 900 Block of McEwan

Hi Fabio, 
I rent my home and this is what we just woke up to.  Some stuff wrote on our garage.  If anybody has seen or know  anything about this, please let us know. This happened some time last night or the night before. I will post pics here also.. thanks, this is very upsetting to me and i'm sure the landlord will be very upset also...

This happened on the 900 block of Mcewan.  Police were notified.  

Source:  West-end Resident 


  1. I have lived in my house for coming on 17 years,Lately I have been quite disgusted with the so called "tagging" of my garage,I give the Windsor Police Kudos for catching and nailing the Punks who were purse snatching from innocent Ladies in the downtown area,What these Punks get probably will be a slap on their wrists due to their age,I wish Kids would be held more accountable as I can bet you that if they know their names will be published and NOT get a slap on the wrist we might be able to correct this behaviour before it gets worse,How are these Kids getting spray cans?it should be made illegal for kids to buy them unless accompanied by an adult,Parents should be wondering where their kids are at Night,I Know I put mine through Hell and they worked their butts off to get me back on the straight path and I am very lucky they did,I spend a fair amount of money keeping my house up,What right do these Punks have in destroying what I own and where are their Parents?We Need a Beyond scared straight program in Canada to show these kids where they are going to end up!Or at Least hold the Parents accountable,I can almost guarantee if a Parent knows they will be on the hook for cleaning Grafitti they will be paying closer attention to their kids

  2. This is my letter to the star

  3. Where are the parents you ask? My folks had rocks thrown at their garage and a window broken a few years ago. Their neighbors kids at the time knew who it was and let them know. We contacted the Police who told us this kid had a long list of marks against him and that all my folks could do was contact his mother for re-payment to replace the window. I won't type what that kids mother said to mine - suffice to say they were not reimbursed, and once again disenfranchised with Windsor Police & the lack of "Parenting" skills of these kids.

  4. I totally agree about spray paint being illegal to sell to minors.. but I know that most kids don't buy it, but rather steal it from their parents garages too. Parenting is definitely a large contributor. This city is filled with "low life" parents who don't care.
    The West side is full of low income housing and is quite an eye sore.
    This city really needs more places for kids to go, that aren't so costly so they can stay out of trouble , get away from their parents and not be so bored that they want to do these awful things.

    I think cops don't do enough. I see cops all the time letting things go that people should be arrested for.. knife fights, people doing and selling drugs, people getting beat up, etc.
    The cops just let them go. Even my neighbor is a drug dealer, I know for a fact.. but the cops wont do nothing, they've came 10 times the past four months because of incidents and just talked to him without searching or anything..
    Every single weekend I get woken up by someone fighting and screaming outside. Nothing gets done about any of it!

  5. According to a west-end resident, the same type of graffiti is being done around McKday and Curry, around the Grove area.