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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Construction Beginning on Park Lights in North Merritt Park

Two holes were dug to erect poles for lights in North Merritt Park.  Once the weather warms up a bit, the work will be finally completed.

I will post pictures on this development in the near future.

Once again, this is a great result not only for the neighbours in Bridgeview, but for the entire west-end.

Fabio Costante


  1. I as a tax paying resident of the Bridgeview area and i live on Merritt. I do not feel that it is fare that the City of Windsor gives one Park in the area lighting. I am a home owner that resides next to a park and i appreciate that the city cuts the grass, empties the garbage and salts and clears the snow away. Although, i do not appreciate the drug transactions and drug use there that goes on, on the play equipment during all hours of darkness. If there were lights in the park it would light the park and keep this activity away. At a meeting for the westend residents we were told that there is only one police cruiser for our area and as residents we have to do our part in watching out and report any crime. It would be nice if we had lights to catch it happening.

    1. Hello tax payer. To clarify, the City decided to install lights in North Merritt Park after the residents took it upon themselves to get a petition signed where over 100 residents in the area signed and agreed to installing the lights. Like you, they have had problems with drug dealing and other illegal activity in the park. If you would like to see lights in the park where you live, I can help you and your neighbours start a petition and get a substantial amount of signatures from residents in your area. Please let me know if this is something that interests you.


    2. To further clarify, a petition is needed because there may be some residents -- as was the case in the North Merritt Park petition -- who may not want lights installed fearing it would shine through their windows at night, etc. Therefore, you would have to demonstrate that a sizeable majority of your neighbours are in favour of such a proposition.