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Friday, March 30, 2012

Positive Story - Words of Encouragement from Former West-end'er

Hi Fabio
Just wanted to congratulate you on the work you are doing. I was reading the Star online ( I'm from Brantford  Ont.) and read the article about being " the best old neighbourhood" then got into the blog. Very interesting. You said you were looking for positive stories about the West End. I have nothing current to offer but will tell you that this neighborhood is in my blood. I'm 60 years old and spent my first eleven years on Glenfield Ave and I still feel a strong connection to this area. My Mom's family were west enders and all lived in the Lena / Harrison St. area. My world in the late 50s - early 60s was the Prince Road Park ( now called Mic Mac Park I believe), Yachi Bush, Marlborough School area. Nothing but fantastic memories. Childhood nostalgia I'm sure, but even in those days the area was " rough around the edges". I do seem to remember a lot of tough guys and a couple of older brothers of friends who were on the wrong side of the law from time to time.
We moved to Brantford in 1963 and settled in an area similar to The West End called Eagle Place. EP is an older blue collar neighborhood. The farm implement industry was to Brantford what the auto industry is to Windsor. This industry collapsed in the early 80s leaving Brantford the problems that Windsor has been experiencing with the decline of the auto industry. With the exception of two or three years I have lived in Eagle Place since moving from Windsor. Ep has a bit of a stigma attached to it. Many who live in other parts of Brantford seem to feel the need to look down on it. I love the place. Once again, a bit rough around the edges, but a great sense of neighbourhood. Two years ago I got involved in the formation of The Eagle Place Community Association. ( I always look for blogs to do with community development. That's how I ended up in yours) I felt it was time to turn words into action. We are a small but growing group. We're getting great support from the city and good things are starting to happen. 
Wishing you much success in your efforts.

Source: (Former) West-End Resident

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  1. Regarding the Post Office. I can not understand why they can not keep a small part of it open. If I was in charge I would fix it up like a old time post outlet, and the remainder of the building I would fix it up with everything I could get my hands on bring the past to life on how Windsor became what it is. If you do not do it soon there well be nothing left and nothing for the future generation to learn from. They could have a person dressed up like it was the old days and parents could take their children on a weekend making it a family day. What a concept doing something with your children and learning about your town. Oh yes please inform the power that be the West End dose not stop at Brock that it gose further and we matter down in the boon docks.
    Thank You for letting me vent.
    Doreen Gravelle