Grafitti - 900 Block of California

I recently received this from a neighbour who lives close-by:

"Over the weekend our teal green Dodge Caravan was tagged (the hood and driver's front fender) with thick magic marker as well as more "art work" was done on the back of my garage.  I live on the 900 block of California Ave."

Source: West-end Resident


  1. Would it be possible for you to post a picture of the tag? Much of it is identifiable and can be traced.

  2. Please send me an email at and I will forward your request to the victim who can possibly send you a picture. Thanks.

  3. The level of tagging has been on the increase with the thick black markers lately. Best to always make a crime report so it is recorded on Windsor Police Stats and becomes a bulletin at shift briefings

  4. Absolutely. I always encourage residents to contact police and make a crime report. Fortunately, in addition to Windsor Police's help, there is a neighbour (also a follower of this blog) who may be able to identify the tagging. One of the positive things about having this blog is so neighbours could share info not just with police, but with each other as well.


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