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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Help Keep Forster in the West-End

Friends and West-enders:

We need your help.  As you may already know, on November 19th, the Greater Essex County District School Board will decide whether or not to close Forster Secondary School.  If they go ahead with the Director's recommendation -- to amalgamate Forster with Century -- Sandwich Town will never be the same again.  A school is the heartbeat of a community.  Forster is an integral part of the fabric of the west-end.  It would be difficult to picture our west-end without this historic landmark.  Even worse, it would be difficult to grasp the fact that no school may exist west of the bridge.

We just held our community town hall where approximately 50 - 60 residents attended (see picture below).  From current students, to parents, to folks who attended Forster back in the day, we had a great cross section of passionate and committed residents who all share one common hope: to have and to keep a high school in the west-end. If you share that same belief, please call your GECDSB Trustees and MPPs. Let them know that students west of the bridge deserve a quality school and that Sandwich Town's future depends on it.  


Fabio Costante 

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