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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Pennies for Parkinsons

I received a request from a west-ender to post his fundraiser below: 

"Hello everyone. Are you wondering what to do those unwanted pennies. I’ve got the solution for you. Would you consider donating them to the Parkinson Society? Every year I hold different events for the society. Weve done dress down days at some of the high schools, pennies for Parkinsons at the grade schools, BBQ`s,  pasta dinners etc. This year I want to try something new, approach the west enders at large. In September  we have the Parkinsons Super walk at Mic Mac park. We have a team called Renauds Raiders, for the last four years weve raised approx. 17 thousand dollars. I would like to hit 21 thousand this year. Remember all funds go to the Parkinsons Society.
This event is near and dear to me as I was diagnosed 4 years ago with this neurological disease. As of now there  is no cure for the disease, however most symptoms are controlled with medications.  The medical people are getting closer and closer to a cure. This is why fundraising is crucial now. Some of you may relate this disease to Michael J. Fox, Bill Clinton, Mohammed Ali, and the Pope. All of them have the same disease.
Fabio can you please post this in Our West Side. Donations can be picked up at any time. My email address isjrenaud13@cogeco.ca.

The penny is being eliminated in March I believe, here is the perfect opportunity to donate and feel good doing so.
                       Thanks in advance, Joe Renaud, a proud west ender for lifeé."

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