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Saturday, January 26, 2013

West End Crawlers Newsletter


The West End Crawlers have issued out their first newsletter of which I will share with you all below:

It's been a busy month for us Crawlers!  Since launching on January 1st, we've:

**Received our first clothing donation, from Ruby Brown, and are in the process of finding good homes for them!  "THANK YOU!"

**We met with Sara & Drew Chapados from Westside Church of Christ. They gave us much needed insight and a wealth of information as to where to direct cash, clothing and other articles throughout the West End.  "THANK YOU!"

**Our ¢hange for Change$" campaign was implemented on January 19th at our "Happy New Year Get Together at Hurricanes.  This is to help raise funds for things like school breakfast programs, and other areas of need in the West End.  "THANK YOU!" to all the establishments who welcomed our growler jugs! They were generously donated by The Krooked Kilt!  "THANK YOU!"

Coming up in February, we're announcing "Loonie Crawls".  These will take place in months we don't have "major" crawls scheduled. 

A PEEK INTO MARCH:  Our "St. Patty's Eve Crawl" on Sat. March 16th


There's no telling how well we'll do, or how much we'll raise, but together we can make this project a success and make a REAL DIFFERENCE in the West End!

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