Friends For Atkinson Park and Pool Swimming Lessons


The Friends For Atkinson Parks and Pool group, in partnership with the City of Windsor, is offering subsidized swimming lessons for kids in the area. The pool is located at the Atkinson Park right off Riverside Dr. W. in between Bridge Ave. and Rankin Ave. The lessons are nearly free and last throughout the summer.

For more information, please contact the Swim Co-Ordinator, Lynn Burns at 519-253-5465. Lynn will also be in the park (front lawn by the pool) this Saturday, June 22nd from noon until 3pm.

The first session begins Tuesday, July 2nd so the deadline for registration is Wednesday, June 26. Lessons are Monday through Friday. There will be pre-registration for the following three sessions: July 22nd - August 2nd; August 6 - 16th; and the final session is August 19 - 30th.

If you would like more parent info, please send me an email and I can pass that along to you as well.



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