Naming New West-End High School


As you may know, Forster Secondary is slated for closure at the end of this school year. The Greater Essex County District  School Board (GECDSB) is working through the transition process and is running several events throughout the year to bring both Forster and Century together. 

The closure of Forster has been a difficult pill to swallow for many, including myself. The community fought vociferously against the closure but unfortunately it wasn't enough. 

If you remember, we held town halls, wrote several articles to the Windsor Star and other media sources and applied as much pressure as possible to change what many believed -- and were right -- to be an inevitable decision.

With all that said, we now have no choice but to move forward and make the best of the situation before us. Our long-term goal of a new school west of the bridge is not forgotten and will be a priority in future years once there is more certainty with the boarded-up homes, among other things, west of the bridge. 

For now, please see the email I received below from the GECDSB Spokesman, and please share your thoughts and ideas for a new name for this new school. 


Wanted to keep you up to speed on things….and please post the following information on your blog…the first little legacy celebration at both Century and Forster went very well….we celebrated the last first day of school….among other things coming up, the 2 schools will work together on their Terry Fox run / walk….which will happen on the 26th of this month at10 a.m. at Century….please feel free to join us.

The GECDSB has initiated a campaign to solicit ideas for the naming of the new high school, which will open at the current Century Secondary School building in September 2014.

More than just possible names, we are looking for themes and concepts about what this school’s identity should be….and it should reflect and enhance the community. Once we have a name, which will be selected by Trustees later this year, we will work on establishing a brand for the school that will be attractive and complementary to the community.

The GECDSB is asking for input from the community to assist in naming this new school. It is expected that the name that is chosen will reflect the identity of the community in some way. Suggestions should include a brief statement about what this school will mean to the residents of the area.

Submissions can be forwarded to

Forms can also be returned to  any of the area schools  (Forster, Century, Brock, Benson, Dougall, Marlborough and Taylor) or forwarded, by mail, to High School Naming c/o GECDSB 451 Park St. W., Windsor P.O. Box 210 Windsor, ON N9A 6K1"


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